Mr Zhou Rong Jin : Senior Artist

member of Jiangsu Provincial Association of arts and crafts

member of the Association of China - Yixing purple clay 

The heart Sutra of Zhou Rong Jin make pot:

  Making purple clay teapot, is not limited to practices and technology, the key is to empower individuals with emotional thinking of a special Yixing tea pot's Love and persistence.

morality first, modest-centered,  stringent creation, a new refinement, intelligent learning techniques coupled with the spirit of hard work.

Expo teacher works, and absorb the essence, continuous practice, and enhance our own strengths, sum up experience, open up gradually formed its own

Creative style:

 Flower : pay attention to the color mix, the pursuit of vivid but not indispensable practical function, copying nature, Art of Living and Living.

 Light cargo : attention to the overall image, Seiko communications, simple and dependable, pursuit of shape, God, the situation in both the aesthetic taste and artistic standard.

  Chinese artisan pot Arts giant Mr Lv Yao Cheng said: a rare pot followers. 


Mr Zhou Rong in's  artistic biography :

Born in Shu Shan,Yixing in 19655 moon Yixing birthplace Shushan. 

in 1984 ,into Famous No.2 of Purple clay factory for design and product purple clay tea pot.

In September 1994, the piece "Friends of the chilly atmosphere three" pots group selected Malaysia Yixing products exhibition into the series issue "Yixing style."

1995 novel "Blossom" a collection of "The Best of Chinese art."

1996 was promoted arts and crafts staff.

in 1997, the process works and Performing series into "masters of contemporary ceramics collection," CST was Yixing City and Yixing Association formally appointed to Yixing teapots player, and award certificates.

in 1998 work "Plum green" serious and Meichun "Fragrant Health Spring" Pot.

in 1999 work, "MEI Kai Five," "pleased with the quick," such as teapots.

in August 2000 was promoted Assistant crafts.

in 2001 ,creating "the troubles of the rising sun as the pines" teapot when Famous Huang Shan mountain tour

May 2001 were invited to participate in the International Chinese Yixing teapots Festival, works of "Meixiang" teapot into their development and contains works Nomination.

August 2001 was promoted to the crafts man of famous No.2 of Purple clay factory.September 2001 in Macau Yixing art exhibition, the creation of the "falls" The Bronze.

In October of that same year to participate in the Fourth China (Hangzhou) International Tea Expo, his work, "MEI Kai Wu-fu" "joyous" outstanding prizes.

In May 2002 by the Chinese Society of Museology, the Chinese collection organized by the magazine's top ten were selected pot, his work, "Xu Yunkai pines as" outstanding prizes.

In November the same year in the second tea Expo, Guangzhou TV channels feature of economic reports its people for their.

April 2003. work "is going to the sun as pines" and Performing curriculum vitae to the current series of Yixing most authoritative monograph, "the Chinese Yixing Tutian."

In May 2003, work "in Haizhu" teapot, "Zhao Xu Yunkai pines" teapot was selected into the Nanjing Museum "civil Treasure summarization."

September 2003. Performing arts curriculum vitae and results from "Yixing daily," "Into collection" Preferred Yixing graphics and presentation; "Meixiang" teapot in Jiangsu Province ceramic arts and crafts Association and the Professional Committee of Yixing Ceramic Industry Association jointly organized the exhibition of China outstanding prizes.

In October 2003, the Ministry of Culture in the People's Republic of China ratified the "national cultural quality Exposition" Yixing work "Admiralty" pot of Excellence Awards.

In February 2004, in Pacific-deed charity Yiyuan donated Yixing traditional works, "Stone dipper" in Yixing teapots will be charitable. In June last year, appeared in the "Chinese Arts Pokka violet sand teapot" and took personal feature film. In October, production, "Penny-pot" Selected second Jiangsu Province Community Arts Festival exhibition. May 2005. Penny-work pint crane series "Penny-put silver tired pot" in the National Top 10 Yixing teapots Kanu, who was in Kuala Lumpur, and included his works Nomination.

June 2006 creation of small Meichun Series : "Late Day Cream," "a spring flower world," "Lengyan."

August 2006 creation "picturesque" teapot.With Yixing nominated by the Association's "China Yixing Star" all handmade Competition and "Mei Chun," "The Three Friends of the same pot spring."

October 2006 was promoted Senior Artist of Famous No.2 of Purple clay factory.