The brief introduction of Mrs Zhou Gui Zheng:

Mrs Zhou Guizheng, female, born in 1943 in yixing, a special arts and crafts master of China, China ceramic art master, researcher, senior technology artists, China arts and crafts association.
In 1958 into the violet arenaceous technology factory.Wy from master early spring and Mr Gu Jingzhou, settled in Beijing after retirement.The creation of more than 40 years of career, making her on purple sand art has obtained the remarkable result.
In 1978 made of Gao Haigeng design, Zhou Guizheng "set okho" was chosen for national leaders visited foreign gifts.
1989 work "ring three-legged pot of dragon", "a fountain of tea set respectively light ministry issued by the China association of arts and crafts" ceramic art design award ";Works in the same year, the big man girder pot of nanjing museum collection.
"Pot of insight to girder" the 1991 Beijing international art research institute.
In 2001 by the tianjin people's fine arts publishing house. "his Zhou Guizheng works."
2005 works well bar pot, "this fountain pot" collected by China national art gallery.
2006 "rhyme bamboo girder pot" collected by national museum of China.
In 2007 work "set okho" included in the national Palace Museum "purple classical violet arenaceous mud" exhibition, and collection.Successively obtains advanced crafts, arts and crafts master of jiangsu province, arts and crafts master of China ceramic art master, China and so on the title.
Is the highest state of the art in verve, painting and calligraphy art, purple sand art, too.Zhou Guizheng of arts and crafts master the art of the most prominent place, in the "work and rhyme, light purple jade yun", outside the let you have to taste the flavor and surprise!In making you feel her work, in making you feel her works have the connotation of the endless!