Mr Xu Han Tang,in May 1932 Born in Shushan.Yixing.Chinese artisan Yixing Yixing Process Plant No. 2, Chief Technologist, Yixing City CPPCC members.1975-1976 of the Central Academy of Art to study. Xu Han Tang Performing Yixing creation 50 years, the boat was Yanqiang Master of the art of true Buddhism, his solid grounding. good reproduction of traditional products, process modeling show ingenuity to crack ice decorative items. Shining jade works, You Shan for various types of micro-small - and every manuscripts are referred to as "Han Tang pots," Shanghai bonsai collection sector.

In writing practice at the same time, Xu right Yixing technology theory also conducted a systematic study published the "traditional arts violet sand teapot," "traditional molding violet sand teapot" "Discussion on Yixing forming tool" and "Tea and violet sand teapot" and other essays.

Xu's title :

Chinese artisan

High technology alive

China Light Industry Design Association Member

Jiangsu Province Ceramic Art Institute director

Shanghai Yixing Association

Sino-Japanese Ceramics Research Consultants Association

International Tea Culture Seminar governing

Jiangsu Provincial Institute of ceramic art professional consultant

Yixing City, the Ninth CPPCC members

Tenth CPPCC members Wuxi City

China's CPPCC members in Wuxi City

Yixing honorary president of the Association of bonsai

Yixing City rocks Cultural Studies, honorary president