Wooden Fish Stone Tea pots:

Note:The minimum order is 5 units to wooden fish items.

About Wooden Fish Stone

1Tea pot:A1-A4   A5   A6   A7   A8   A9   A10   A11   A12-A13

          A14-A15   A16-A17   A18-A19  A20  A21  A22  A23  A24  A25

2:Pot set:A26-A27  A28-A29  A30  A31-A32  A33  A34  A35-A37  A38-A39

3:Tea mug:  A40-A41   A42-A45   A46-A47

4:Canister:  A48-A51

5:Cup: A52-A59

How use wooden fish stone teapot:

1 Prior to the use of pot, thoroughly clean the teapot inside and outside

2Before using the pot, be sure to use warm water pot warm, non-direct boiling pot of cold