The craftsman's Yixing teapot:

1.The most famous China arts and crafts master's pots:You will hav a great discount(20%) if you order these Yixing teapot.

Mrs Wang Ying Xian's pot:3255   the introduction

MrJi Yishun and  3113    The introdution

Mr Lv Junjie and his pot:3114

Mrs Jiang Rong's pot:3174   3320

Mr Ge Jun's pot:3209 The Introduction to Mr Ge Jun

Mr Xu Hantan :3952, The introdution to Mr Xu Hantan and Mr Xu Xiutang:1.2,3 4  5  6

Mrs Zhou Gui Zheng:    3319


2:Previous craftsman's samples Yixing teapot, You will have a great

discount(40% off) if the order amount is over $1000.00.

T2  T3  T5  T6  T7  T8   T11  T12  T13   T14  T24 T26  T28   

T36  T40    T41     T44    T45     T48   T49   T58 T59    T60    T61 

T62  T63   T65  T66  T67  T68  T69  T70  T74  T76  T77  T78

T80  T81  T82,T83,T84  T85,T86,T87  T88   T89  T90  T96  T97  T98

T135  T135-1   T135-2   T585    T586

PS: Above tea pots were collected by us in 12 year ago,the most of them are not remade already.


3 :Other craftsman's Yixing teapot:you will have a great discount(20% off) if the order amount is over $1000.00.

T722(Hot sale)

Mr Cheng Hai Pin's picture(Crafts Master.Ceramics Artists):  T145    T146    T147    T148   T149

T150   T151    T152     T153    T154     T155        T157     T159     T160    T161

T162     T163     T164     T165      T167    T168    T169     T170   T588   T589   T590   T591   T592   T593

T594   T595,T596,T597   T598

Mr Xu Liu Ming:   T288,T289    T290.T291,T292    T293,T294,T295

T296,T297,T298   T299,T300,T301   T320,T321,T322  

Mr Xu Liuming's small tea pots:   T302-T310   T311-T319

Mrs Cheng Cai Ming: T652,T653  T654  T655  T665  T666  T667  T668  T669

T670  T671  T672  T673  T674  T675  T676  T677  T678  T679  T680 

T682  T683  T684  T685  T686  T687  T688  T689  T690  T691  T692  T693

T694  T695  T696  T697  T698    T700  T701  T702  T703  T704  T705  T706

T707   T708   T709

Mr Yang Rong Ming's (Crafts Master) with his wife(Crafts master) pictures

T172   T173,T174    T175   T176   T177   T178   T179   T180   T181   T182   T183   T184   T185

T186   T187   T188   T189   T190   T191   T192   T193   T194   T195   T196   T197   T198

Mr Ding Cheng Ling's pictures:(Senior Crafts Master)

T199     T200,T201    T202,T203     T204,T205       T206.T207      T208    T209,T210     T211     T212    T213 

Mr Zhou Rongjin's pots:   The introduction of Mr Zhou Rong Jin: 1   2   3  4

 T99    T100 ,T101    103 ,T104   T107,T108      T109,T110     T114,T116    T117,T118 t

T436   T437   T438   T439   T440   T441   T442

Mr Cheng Weng Jun's Gong Fu Cha Bamboo line small pots: T120-T125   

Mrs Ying Zu Qing's small pot: T126   T127   T128

Mr Cheng Yun Cai(Crafts) 's pot:   T129       T130     T131      T132      T133       T134

Mr Zhou Xiao Ming(crafts maser) : T135      T135-1    T135-2

Mr Xie Xiao Dong' Zhu Ni clay small pot(Crafts master):     T138    T561    2159

Mrs Zhu Cai Ying(old artists) :T599   T600  T601

Mr Wei Xiao Yong's Zhu Ni clay small pot(assistant crats master):  T139

Mr Zhou Guo Ping(assistant crafts master) who good all hand make teapots: t140    t141   t142   t143  

 Mr Cheng Yun Cai( Crafts Master who is good small pots: T214    T215    T216    T217    T218     T219     T220     T221     T222

T223     T224     T225     T226      T227      T228     T229     T230     T231      T232      T233      T234

Mr Wang Xu Jiang's Unique wood handle tea pot: T235,T236,T237

Mr Pu Quan Ming and Mrs Wu Yong Jun's pot:

T244-T246    T247-T250    T251-T255    T256-T259   T260-T263    T264-T267  

1877  1903  2133  2149

Mr Huang Zhen:Introduction  T272  T273  T274  T275  T276  T277 

T279  T280  T281  T282  T283  T284  T285  T286 

Mrs Wu Shun Fang and Mr Xu Hong Qi's tea pots:T323  T324  T325  T326  T327  T328  T560

T329,T330  T331  T332  T333  T334

Mrs Ling Yan Qin's tea pots:T335-T339   T340-T347   T348-T355

T356-T363  T364-T371  T372-T379  T380-T387  T388-T395  T396-T403

T404-T411  T412-T419

Mr Zheng Zhi Ren's tea pots: T420  T421  T422  T423  T424

T425  T426  T427,T428  T429  T430  T431  T432  T433  T434  T435

Mrs Wang Ling Xian(1,2,3,4,5 6) and her pot:T562   T563   T564,T565

T566,T567  T568   T569,T570   T571,T572   T573,T574   T575,T576  

T577,T578,T579   T580,T581   T582,T583,T584

Mr Jiang Jianjun's Chines Gongfu tea pot set:T587

Mr Li Xue qing:  T602   T603  T604  T605  T606(Zhu Ni)  T607  T608  T609

T610  T611  T612  T613  T614   T615,T616   T617  T618  T619

Mr Wang Zheng Guo:  T620(Zhu Ni)  T621  T622  T623  T624  T625  T626

T627  T628  T629  T630   T631,T632

Mrs Wang Hong Juan: T633  T634  T635  T636  T637  T638  T639(Zhu Ni clay)

  T640(Zhu Ni clay)

Mrs Jiang Yan: T641

Mr Zhang Tao: T642  T643  T644  T645  T646  T647  T648-1,T648-2,T648-3

T649   T650  T651

Mr Qian Lingjuan: T656   T660   T661  T662  T663

Mr Wu Mingfeng:T657

Mrs Xu Koufeng:T658

Mr Jiang Jianjun:  T664

Mr Wang Xiao Ping: T710

Mrs Han Hui Qing:T711

Mr Li Xing Sheng:T712

Mr Dai Peng Fei, Mr Liu Shao Ming:T713,T714,T715

Mr Dong:T716

Mrs Han Hui Qing;T717   T719

Mr Dong Zheng Qiang: T718   T721

Mrs Ling Yian Qing:T720

Mrs Pei He Di: T722   T723   T724   T725   T726 

T727-T731( Zhu Ni Clay small pots)    T732    T733

Mr Wu Tian Hua: T734