the pictures of the tea sets

(Price list will be sent if need )

Note: Please note"I " list(or pot set) in your order because of the code is same with B list tea pot

Special pot set for biger capacity:F2571    F2572      F2576

I-1: BB465-B467  B468-B471  B472-B475  B476-B479   B480-B484  B485-B488    B489,B490

!-1-1: BS1-BS4

I-1-2: BS5-BS7

I-2-1: B294,B295,B296     B305,B306   B396-B397  B402,B403  B440-B446

      Trip pot set:B570,B571    Porcelain:B553-B557      Trip tea set:B572,B573(porcelain)

      F2614   F2615

I-3:  B265   B347-B351    B398-B401    B404,B405   B427,B428,429(Big pot set)  B449,B450,B451

   Blue and White Porcelain pot set:t:F1334-F1336   F1337-F1339   F1340-F1343

I-4: B162,B241    B245    B283,B284     B303    B221,B222,B223,     B406,B407  B408,B409 

      B410,B411     B412,B413   B414,B415     B432-B439   B462  C52,C53   C78

    Porcelain pot set:B574-B577   B578-B581   B582,B583  B584,B585

I-5: B252,B253   B254,B255    B268,B269   B270,B271     B416,B417 

     B418,B419  B420,B421     B595(Porcelain)

High quality Zhu Ni clay pot set:B364-B370:

     B364   B365   B366   B367   B368   B369   B370  

I-5-1: B491  B492  B493  B494  B495     B591-B594

Porcelain pot set:B558-B560  PF1322-F1324   F1325-F1328   F1329-F1331   F1332-F1333

I-6:  B463   B496-B497   B543-B546   B561-B563  B1067-1  

Porcelain pot set     

F963-F966  B371 B498-B500    B501-B504   B505-B507   B508-B511  


B515-B517    B522   B523-B524   B525-B528   B529-B531    B532-B533

B534-B536   B539-B541   B542  B586   B587-B590

High Grade Jian Yao Glaze Clay pot set:

B596-B599   B600-B602  B603-B604  B605-B608

high quality white porcelain pot set:

F1048-F1050    F1051-F1052    F1055-F1057   F1061

High quality bone porcelain gold pot set:B564, B565-B569

Porcelain pot set:F1362-F1365    F1367-F1370    F1371-F1375    F1376-F1378

Gong Fu pot sets:(Pot:180-200ccthe boat is bamboo)

PS:The minimum order is 5 sets to one design(From B457 to B461)

B452     B453     B454    B455    B456    B457    B458    B459    B460    B461