About small Yixing teapot:

In yixing,To Small tea pot,it call as"one hand pot"or

"xiao ping",the small Yixing teapot are special used for Chinese 

Gong Fu tea,many customers very like this lovely small yixing teapot.

their size is about 11x7.5x7 cm,50cc-150cc.

We will send you their price if you are interested in the samll yixing teapots

K13-K28        K65-K73        K83-K97       K122-K130          K166-K171     K172-K175     K176-K181

K182-K188      K210,K211    K212-K223    K224-K235    K236-K247

Miniature tea pot:30cc-80cc: K248-K249    K250-K251     

K257-K267      K268-K273    K274    K275,K276

Zhu Ni clay small pot:K277-K279   K280-K281   K292-K283   K284-K286

A118-A129   A130-A142     A143-A146     A147-A155     A156-A164       A463-A466

2187-2196        2909    3068-3076    3102-3107    3108-3111    3288-3296   

3297-3302   3303-3308  3309-3315   3316,3317

Please see Mr Cheng Yun Cai(Craftsman) pots for more high quality small pots

(in F list-N42:T129-T134,T214-T234)

Mr Xu Liuming'(Crafts man)s small tea pots:   T302-T310   T311-T319

Mrs Ling Yan Qin's tea pots:T335-T339   T340-T347   T348-T355

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T404-T411  T412-T419

D list3036-3041  3042-3047 The price is in D list)