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一:About Yixing Purple Clay Teapot

二:Our Product Catelogue:

     1.Yixing Teapot and sets:

         A list : Yixing Teapot:  pictures;    B list : Yixing Teapot:  pictures       

           C list : Yixing Teapot: pictures        D list : Yixing Teapot:   pictures      

    D-1Previous samples Yixing teapot

           E list:  Small Yixing teapot(120cc to 200cc):      Pictures     

           F list:  Big Yixing teapot(450cc to 4700cc):   Pictures     

           G list:  Zhu Ni Clay Yixing Teapot:       Pictures    

           H list:  Excellent  Craftsman's  Yixing teapot:    picture           

           I list:   Yixing Pot sets:      pictures      

          J listSales promotion tea pots (the lowest price):   pictures

          K list: Antique TeaPots and other China antique :   Pictures     

  2.Other material tea pots,sets,tea cup:

         L list: (1) Porcelain teapots        (2)Glass tea pot        (3)  Stainless steel teapots      

              (4)Gold tea pot  (5)Piaoi pot(food-grade PC material) :(a)  (b)       

           (6)Casting Iron Tea Pots     (7)Wooden fish stone tea pot         Price

  3.Various tea accessories:

        M list: Tea cup,Gai wan:    Pictures      Price

        N list: Tea mug (Purple clay and Porcelain):      Pictures     Price

        O list: Tea boat:    pictures      Price

        P ist: Tea tool accessories :    pictures   electric tea kettles  

                                                             Eleczomagnetism:(1)       (2)    Price

        Q list: Tea Tin and canister :   Pictures       Price

        R list: Purple Clay Tea Stove:  Pictures      Price

        S list: Display wooden stand and miniature pot sets:

                   S1-S3      S4-S7,S9    S8    S10-S15   Miniature pot sets     Price

    4.Chinese Tea:

        T list: Chinese  tea:     Product and price     About Chinese Tea       Tea and Health    


       U list: Promotion Gift : 1:Funnily figurine gift  

                                               2:Colour figurine gift      

                                               3:Other Purple clay handicraft, Figurine gift 


      V list: <<China Purple clay>>: One special art film for introduce purple clay tea pot

        One hundred famous history tea pots pictorial  

        Handwork pottery art mural(drawing) for decorate your store

      W list: Our service to the dealers through internet

Our servicer  items to Shipment,Packing,Payment,Delivery,

Price list   

六:Order sheet

七:The news  about Yixing purple clay teapot: One pot = 1.82 million U.S. dollars

One Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Story                                             

九: Judging a Pot                                                                          

How to treat your new Yixing tea pot                                          

十一:How Make Yixing Tea Pot                                       

十二The Chinese art: Gong Fu Cha  

十三The feedback informations to our service and products   

十四:About us       

十五Contact us 

十六:The special Notice to the refund email

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