Our Product Catalogue :

(Total 2500 kinds patterns to our tea pots,the price list will be sent you if need)

(Note:13 ounce = 400cc, or 400ml)

A list : Tea pot:        pictures     

B list : Tea pot:        pictures       

C list : Tea pot:        pictures   

    ( Big capability tea pots and pot sets:500-1200cc   ) 

D list : Collecter's Tea pot:        pictures                  

E list: Small tea pot: Detail,       pics1    Pics2    Pics3   

F list: (1)  Zhu Ni Clay Tea Pot:  Detail     Pictures

           (2) Craftsman's certificate tea pot  for collecter:   Detail ,   picture             

G list: Pot sets:       pictures     

The Below goods is various tea serving tool:

H list: Tea boat:    pictures      Detail

I list: Miniature tea pots and display stand: ,pic1  pic2   Big display stand   Detail

J list: Tea cup,Gai wan(Purple clay,Porcelain) :      pictures    Detail

K list: Tea mug (Purple clay and Porcelain):      Pictures     

L ist: Tea tool accessories :    pictures     Detail

M list: Tea canister :   pictures       Detail

N list: Purple Clay Tea Stove:  Pictures      Detail

O list: Custom-made Yixing tea pot

P list: Pu er tea and other Chinese  tea     Detail    Tea and Health

Q list: Antique Purple Clay Tea Pot   Pictures      Detail     

R list: sales promotion tea pot

S list: Purple clay handicraft, Figurine 

T list:Other:

     Big Red Wood Display Stand For show the Tea Pots

    One hundred famous history tea pots pictorial   

    Yixing tea pot wall decoration   for your store