The Pictures of the porcelain pot set.Tea Cup and Gai Wan:

Please see G list(pot set) for more porcelain pot set.

Porcelain Kuai ke cup:F2065

Porcelain Gai Wan:F2067-F2078    F2079(190cc)-F2082    F2083-F2085(160cc)

F2086-F2089(150cc)       F2096-F2103(190cc)

F2104 - F2105(350cc)    F2106-F2116(250cc)   F2117-F2119(White,200,180,160cc)

White Porcelain cups:  F2120-F2129    F2130-F2136   F2137-F2142

Porcelain high cups:F2143-F2152    F2159-F2172   F2173-F2188

Ice stripe glaze pot.gaiwan,cup,canister:F2189-F2227

Hollow out porcelain tea items:F2228-F2243    F2244-F2246

High Grade exquisite hollow out jade white porcelain pot set: F2247,F2248

High Grade exquisite hollow out jade white porcelain pot,gaiwan,cup:2249-F2251

Hollow out porcelain pot set:F2252-F2258

High Grade exquisite hollow out jade colour porcelain pot set: F2259,F2260

Big white porcelain teapots:700cc-1000cc:F2261-F2268

Double Layer porcelain high cup:100cc:F2272-F2281

Famous China Ru Yao Cup:F2287-F2303   F2304-F2307

Famous China RuYao Gaiwan:F2308-F2309

Famous China Ru Yao Teapots:F2310-F2317

Famous China Ru Yao Pot set:F2318-F2320

Celadon fish cups:F2321-F2333    Celadon fish pot set:F2334-F2339   

Celadon fish gawai(200cc):F2340-F2341

Snow Glaze pot sets:F2342-F2351     F2352-F2355    

Unique bone porcelain pot set: F2411    F2412    F2413    F2414

Porcelain high cup:180cc: F2415-F2426   F2427-F2433  F2434-F2445   F2446-F2455

Big porcelain gaiwan: 250cc:F2456-F2467     F2468-F2473

The bigest porcelain gaiwan:350cc:F2474-F2475

High quality porcelain thin cups:F2476-F2490

Porcelain pot set: F2562-F2564    F2565-F2566    F2567    F2568   F2569   F2570

Yixing Zisha pot set:pot:700cc,cup:120cc:F2571    F2572    F2573,F2574  F2576

Famous Long Quan Celadon pot set:F2577-F2580

Famous China Jing De Town celadon pot set:F2581,F2582    F2583

High Quality porcelain pot set(Double layers cup):F2626-F2632    F2633-F2638

Porcelain big tea pot:900cc:F2780-F2792

Porcelain Big tea pot sets: F2793-F2804

Blue and white porcelain tea pot: F2805-F2815     F2816-F2834   F2835-F2841  

Full white porcelain tea pots: F2861,F2862   

F2865-F2870   F2871,F2872    F2874,F2874    F2875    F2876     F2877

Porcelain fair cups: F2884-F2891      F2892-F2895

White Jade tea cup:F2896     F2897,F2898     White porcelain cup 30cc:F2899

White porcelain ling long pot,cup,set: F2902 pot    F2903 gaiwan   F2904 cup  

 F2905 set    F2906 pot      F2907-F2910 set       F2911 pot    F2912-F2917 cup

White porcelain Ling Long hand weaving pot,cup:    F2918 pot   

F2919-F2923 gaiwan. cups       F2924 pot

White porcelain tea cups: F2925-F2930       F2931,F2932     F2933-F2936

F2937-F2941     F2942-F2947      F2948     F2949-F2953     F2954-F2957

F2958-F2961     F2962    F2963-F2967     F2968     F2969     F2970  

Fair cup:F2979,F2980

Porcelain Gaiwan: F2981-F2994       Porcelain fair cups:F2995-F3004

Porcelain tea cup :F3005-F3029      Celadon tea cup:F3030-F3039

Ling Long Gai Wam:F3041-F3043   Jade Gaiwan,cup:F3044-F3052

F3055: White Porcelain Love cup:F3055     White porcelain cup with plate:F3056

F3057     F3058    F3059    F3060     F3061   F3062    F3063    F3064    F3065

Famous Chinese Ru Yao porcelain cup,pot,gaiwan ,fair cup(Copy Song Dynasty Ru porcelain): F3066-F3081   F3082-F3094   F3095(The bigest Ru Yao Gaiwan:280cc)

Porcelain Gaiwan:250cc:F3096-F3104

Glass porcelain gaiwan:F3105-F3109      Jun Glaze Big Bowl:F2110,F3111

Porcelain Kuai Ke cup:F3112-F3114

Famous Ru Yao porcelain pot set:F3115-F3117      F3118-F3121

White porcelain gaiwan:280cc:F3122     Crystal Tea cups:F3123-F3129

Famous China Yu Yao Porcelain travel pot set:F3130-F3132

High Quality Ling Long Porcelain pot set:F3142-F3144

Porcelain small tea pot:200-250cc:F3145-F3168

White Jade porcelain tea pots:F3229,F3230    F3231    F3232

High Quality Ri Shi Tea cups:F3233-F3257

Big Gaiwam:280cc:F3258, F3259     F3260    3261     F3262,F3263    F3264

F3265       Clay drawing Gaiwan:180cc:F3267-F3270

Small Porcelain tea pots:220cc:F3271-F3284

Long Quan Celadon Kuai Ke Cup:F3285-F3287

Ling Long Porcelain Small tea pots:F3288-F3297

Ling Long Porcelain Tea Cup:F3298-F3312

Famous Chinese Ru Yao Tea pot+2 cup+a gift bag:F3313-F3319

Famous Chinese Ru Yao Tea pot set: F3320-F3326

White Porcelain Gai Wan:F3327-F3330

White porcelain small tea pots,230cc:F3337,F3338,    F3339,F3340

White porcelain gaiwan and tea cup:F3341-F3350     F3351-F3356

China Beijing Opera Facial Masks pot set:F3384

Porcelain triangle tea cup:F3385-F3392     F3393-F3398   

Blue and white porcelain triangle tea cup: F3399-F3402    F3403-F3405  


Gong Fu Tea Cups Set(Gaiwan,Gong cup,Tea filter,cup:11 pcs):F3427-F3431

Gong Fu Tea Cups Set(13 pcs):F3432-F3435

Copy Famous China Ancient Ding Kiln porcelain tea pot:F3436-F3441    F3442-F3447

Ri Shi porcelain ti liang tea pot set:F3448-F3457    F3458-F3465

Copy China Ming Dynasty Ancient Blue and White Porcelain tea cup:F3470-F3489

Copy China Ming Dynasty Blue and White porcelain Tea  Gaiwan, Tea cup, Plate:F3490-F3494

China During the cultural revolution porcelain tea pot(1966-1970):F3495-F3502

Copy famous Song Dynasty China Leave cup:F3503-F3505

Famous China Long Quan Celedon Tea cup: F3506-F3517

Famous China Long Quan Celedon Tea pot, cup,gaiwan:F3518-F3523

Copy Song Dynasty Ding Yao White porcelain potgaiwam:F3524-F3525    F3526    pot and cup:F3528-F3530    F3528

Copy China Sony Dynasty Ding Yao Porcelain Tea pot,cup:F3531-F3545

Copy Song Dynasty Black Ding yao tea pot,cup:F3546-F3552

copy Song Dynasty Ding Yao small tea cup:F3553-F3556

Ding Yao Travel pot set:F3557-F3560

Ding Yao Understanding tea cup:F3561-F3568

Famous China Long Quan Celadon high tea cup:F3569-F3574

Famous China Long Quan Celadon drawing tea cup:F3575-F3580      Long Quan Celadon big cup:F3581-F3584

Long Quan Celadon Tea pot:F3586-F3591

Copy Song Dynasty Ding Yao White porcelain tea pot:F3592-F3600

Jun porcelain Yao Bian Tea pot:F3601-F3605     F3606-F3610

Snow white glaze tea pot and black glaze tea pot:F3611-F3617     F3615

Jun porcelain Yao Bian glaze tea cup: F3615-F3625

Ru Yao Celadon Biger Tea cup: F3626-F3634    F3635-F3638

Copy Famous China Song Dynasty Ding Yao White Porcelain tea pot:F3639-F3647

High Quality Ding Yao White porcelain  Tea pot,tea cup,Gaiwan,etc:F3648-F3660

White porcelain tea cupF3661-F3663(100cc-175cc)

White porcelain pot set:F3664

Ding Yao Porcelain Tea pot:  F3690-F3694

Ru Yao Porcelain Tea pot: F3695-F3702   

High quality white porcelain tea pot:F3703-F3711     F3712-F3715




F563-F565        F401-F405,F566-F569   F443-F460,F463-F465       F466-F473,F476-F479     F671-F683,F910    

F736-F737        F744    F846-F851    F941-F948(small tea cup)      F963-F966(porcelain pot set,500cc)

F981-F998(Small porcelain tea cup) 

F999-F1009(Porcelain tea cup)          F1051,F1052(one set only to each)

High quality celadon gaiwan and cups:F1071-F1079    Porcelain tea cup set:F1130-F1134

High quality white porcelain teapot and cups: F1135   F1138-F1139       F1145-F1146

Fine porcelain gaiwan:F1175-F1184     F1185-F1195 

High quality bone porcelain gold pot set: B564   B565-B569

 Porcelain pot set:B574-B577    B578-B581  

F1287(White porcelain mug)    F1319-F1321(high small cup)

Blue and White Porcelain pot set:F1334-F1336   F1337-F1339   F1340-F1343

Porcelain pot set:F1385-F1390   F1391-F1396   F1397-1401   F1402

High quality big porcelain pot set:F1409-F1414   F1415,F1416

Gold Dragon porcelain pot set:F1431-F1434     F1435-F1437

Hand Hold tea cup:F1440-F1445     High quality Porcelain pot set:

F1500-F1502    F1503-F1506    F1507-F1508   F1509-F1510

F1511-F1513   F1514-F1516   F1523-F1527(Pot boat set)

F1528-F1531   F1532-F1534      F1547-F1550   F1551-F1554 

High quality porcelain gai wan, cup:F1966-F1980    F1981-F1986

Old porcelain pot set:   N66   N67








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