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Servicer items to payment,shipping,delivery ,packing and other:

1£ºPayment methods:

(1):Western Union(The best way for the payment we suggest)

About Western Union

if you hope express payment or you hope payment by your credit card,it is better payment by Western Union.it need only 1-2 hours for you send money to our city.

If you do it in Western Union office:
Please tell Western Union follow information :
1:The receiver¡¯s Last name (Surname): Xu ,
The receiver¡¯s first name( forename) : Zhongmin,
the complete name is ¡°Xu Zhongmin ¡±
2: The receiver¡¯s country name :China,
the complete address :Address line :No.200-314 Room ,Zi Jing Guang Chang,Nan Chan Si,
City: Wuxi
Province: Jiangsu
Country: China
Postal Code: 214026
Contact phone number: 0086-510-82825625.
3:the amount of the money you want send.
4:,Please send us a Money Transfer Control No(it is ten numbers).
5 It is very important for send us money sender¡¯s first name( forename) and Sender¡¯s Last name (Surname) for we can check it with Western Union, We will can not take this payment if your name is not correct.

If you do it in the network of Western Union,you don't need fill payee's phone number and address, you need only fill the name of payee and country's name and amount ,
PS: The transfer of your bank to our bank can be done via Western Union web also,
you need fill the name of payee and country's name and our bank name,bank account, payee 's phone number(0086-510-82825625), don't need fill address , you may call Union 's service phone number :800 325 6000 if you are in USA for more detail.
Please know more infomation from the web site link ( USA ) for Western Union:
Visa card and Master credit card can be used by Western Union.

Friendship remind:Please don't accept any Western Union payment request to  other
beneficiary name !

Please send an email to zbtrade@aliyun.com for confirm our bank(or Western Union) infomation you fill is correct before you trasfer



(2): Telegraphic transfer:

Here is exact information of Our bank for telegraphic transfer:

(Please note:for your money safe,please don¡¯t transfer money to other account and other beneficiary that from other email)

Bank name: Bank of China Wuxi Branch.
Account Number:
Beneficiary : Xu Zhongmin.
international Swift number: BKCHCNBJ95C (PS: This number is for quickly transfer.)
Bank's Address:No.258 Zhong Shan Rd,Wuxi,214002,Jiangsu,China
Bank¡¯s contact phone:0086-510-82705888
Mr Xu Zhongmin's address:
No.200-314 Zi Jin Guang Chan,Nan Chan Si£¬ Wuxi£¬Jiangsu£¬214026£¬China
Xu Zhongmin¡¯s contact phone: 0086-510 82825625

Important remind: Now has a new policy in China due to the current  international situation, a private company can not accept the business transfer from other countries's company.so please send money to above account use a personal bank account in your country(Don't use your company 's bank account)., don't write our company's name in the beneficiary subject.and don't write any words relate to business or purchese or investment  or  loa and borrowing in the details of payment(such as purchese payment,invoice ,business,trade,etc) .otherwise your transfer will be returned automatically.If need write it really,please put:",Transfer of personal fouds,for example:alimony,Tourist owe,,etc"as a payment purpose,We are sorry if this bring bother for you.


You need only tell Money Gram follow infomation:
Payee: Xu Zhongmin
Country: China

then send us  a Password you got when send money.
 It is very important for send us money sender¡¯s first name( forename) and Sender¡¯s Last name (Surname) and send money amount for we can check it with Money Gram



2.Shipping way:

(1) Sea shipping:

Generally main shipping way is sea shipping due to the sea freight is cheap,

The ship cost is decided by total weight ,Volume and destination port.

Such as the ship cost  to USA port where those international ports locate  West coast or east coast is $320.00 at least to one minimum order if through sea shipping,

Please note: this shipping cost include also the freight of from Yixing to Shang hai¡¡port, and the charge of Shanghai customs ,the special export handle fee and the duty.

(2) Air shipping:

To air freight,The air cost  will be decided according to the total weight and volume,that Price will be higher than sea shipping.

(3) Post (China post or UPS,EMS):

We can also send the small order to you by China Post(Air or air &sea, or  Sea ) or EMS.The send cost of China sea post is the cheapest .(China post time:Air:12 days; Air & Sea(SAL): 40 days,sea:about 60 days).

The order will be sent to your door  directly

3.About Samples :

Pot's Sample is available within 4 business days. Buyer is responsible for paying sample and shipping costs, which will be deducted from first order.

4.About mail pots order:

If you order only small quantity tea pots and other products,they may be mail ordered,the pots will be sent to your door  by express mail( or China post),The minimum order is US$800.00

if you need order tea also,the minimum order is 500g to one kind of the tea(include tea samples).


We are very strict to supply the entire perfect package which can mostly avoid or decrease the damages in the cause of transit.we want let you know that On our shipping, almost all of the tea pots were safe after the goods has arrived destination port.

Every individual tea pot will be packed in a solid and pretty gift box.the size is about 14x14x11cm,15x15x12cm,16x16x13cm ,The Average price is US$1.50 to each gift box,the price is $2.00(or $2.50) to big size gift box.Please see

Gift box samples          High grade gift box with bag     Bamboo gift box   Gift Bag    the simplest colour pack box

This pretty and solid gift box is very important to promote market and avoid the pots are broken when shipping.so we suggest order gift box when you order tea pot(include tea mug,clay tea canister).(about 100-120 tea pot's gift boxes in one master carton).

The weight of the carton is about 40-50 kgs,the size of the carton is 70cmx50cmx50cm. 0.175CBM

the each pot set(1pot,6 cups,6 plates) is put in a gift box .the size is 30x25x12cm,the weight is 2.5 kgs-3.00 kgs per pot set.about 20-25 pot sets in one master carton.

It will be mentioned¡¡specially that our shipment contains no solid wood packing material for clear customs.We will post (or fax or email) you the Bill of Lading,Invoice,Packing list,and a Shipment Statement about our¡¡shipment contains no solid wood packing material after the goods is shipped out from Shanghai.

6.Delivery time: 

Usually it will take about 3-5 working days after we received the payment.

7.Minimum order :

The minimum order is US$2000.00 to one shipping order,

The minimum order is US$800.00 to one mail order(China post or EMS Express mail)


8.Insurance :

Usually, to a smaller order,the insurance company don't accept it due to it is too trouble for took the attestation from the happened country,in addition,the insurance company think tea pot is easy broken items,so they refuse do insurance for the pottery items,but please don't worry it,in fact,our packing is very strict and solid,almost all of the tea pots are fine after they had arrived destination port,in case of a few of the pots were broken when the shipping,we will compensate for them free fee£¨except some special fragile products) to your next order(within one year),or deduct their amout from total amount of your next order(within one year). so we think our shipping is no risk.

Note:The information of the broken pots must be informed within 4 months after the order was shipped out from China Shanhai port.

As a professional yixing tea pot company, we providing the best service is always the only aim that we should always obey. You are very welcomed that if you could send us any comments, suggestions, recommendations, opinions, complains and criticisms