The price to other items:

1:Funnily figurine gift:$0.30 each

2:Colour figurine gift:$0.4 each(minimum order:10 pics each design)

3:Purple clay small statuary for decorate tea boat or tea room:

J-1:$8.00, J-2:$4.50, J-3:$4.50, J-4:$2.00, J-5:$4.50, J-6:$4.50,

J-7:(two dogs):$7.00, J-8(Two dogs):$13.00, J-9:$4.50, J-10:$9.00, J-11:$8.00,

J-12:$8.00. J-13:$8.00, J-14:$7.50, J-15:$9.00, J-16:$9.00,(PS:J-15,J-16 must be ordered together) J-17:$9.00, J-18:$9.00(PS: J-17,J-18 muse be ordered together),

 J-21:$9.00; J-22: $0.30; J-23:$0.30;