1,The chemistry composing of the Yixing Purple Clay(%) that from Shanghai silicate graduate school (2001.1):

SiO2: 58.39 / Al2O3: 20.12/ TiO2: 1.08/ FeO: 0/ Fe2 O3(Total): 8.38/ K2O: 3.38

Na2O: 0.06/ CaO: 0.25/ MgO: 0.57/ MnO: 0.01/  Cr2O3: 0/    PbO: 0 /  Fire loss:7.32

It is proved that the Yixing Purple Clay don't contain lead and chromium.

2,Here is The China Ceramic Quality Certificate about our Yixing purple tea pot (C/N:097).  

Please see the pictures

The following content is included in this certificate:

Examination unit:The examination of ceramic-test center of China.

(Note:The examination of ceramic-test center of China is best

authority ceramic-test organization in China.)

Manufacturer:China Yixing Zisha craftwork factory.

 (Zhong Bao Trading Co,Ltds General Company)

Sample of check up:Yixing Zisha Tea pot, C/N of the samples:001,

The C/N of the report:001,

The subject of check up: heat stability and other

Date of the report:3,Jun,2000.

Result of check up:

1,Heat stability :  5 pcs samples,through 200 degrees

centigrade x 30 mim,to water of 20 degrees centigrade

as a circulation ,no find the phenomenon of the samples

are splited and other problems.

2,No find lead (mg/L)

3,No find cadmium(mg/L)

Checker: Zhang Yun er etc,

Proofreader:Li Jian Qiang.

Censorer(signature):Huang Cai Er