The recent news of about China Yixing Purple Clay Tea Pot:

From << Jiangnan Evening News>> February 11.2014,

One great building was stood on the Wuxi city, this building was designed according to one yixing tea pots that is call Qu pot was made by China art great master Mrs Wang Yin Xian:pictures1  pictures2

From People web.2010.5.19

On May 16 ,2010 at the China Guardian 2010 Spring Auction ,One Yixing tea pot(Shi Piao pot) that were made by

Mr Gu Jing Zhou in 1948 was auctioned at 1.82 million U.S. dollars of the transaction price ,it is the best price record of Yixing tea pot auction

From <<China News>> 2007.3.21

The bigest Yixing tea pot in this world was made by old kiln worker Mr Liu Qiao rong (59 years)in Yixing, it was fired in famous Ancient Dragon kiln,the pot's name is squirrel grape Ti Liang pot.the make time is two monthes,total weigh is more than 120 kgs,it can put tea water 150 kgs,This Dragon kiln was builded in Ming dynasty in 500 years ago.

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From <<People's daily >>(May 25.2006):

During Annan visit Beijing University in May 2006.Beijing University Principal Mr Xu Zhihong present one China Yixing Purple sand tea pot to Annan in May 24 2006.this pot was made by Chinese purple sand craft celebrity Zhang Honghua . After Annan attains the pot to be full of praise, extremely likes. Xu Zhihong said that, "Today gives Annan's purple sand pot, is the Chinese teapot classical design "Ti liang Shi Piao" pot, the world only has the China Yixing, Wuxi only then to have produces this kind of pot the raw material. The Chinese tea culture pursues calmly, has manifested the Chinese tradition ' and ' the cultural idea, believed the current international affairs also may ' be calm ' solve. introduced according to Beijing University, because United Nations once listed as the tea the best drinks, but China was produces the tea great nation, the purple caly tea pot for best is drunk by the reputation the tea appliance, therefore Beijing University decided delivered Annan the purple sand tea pot. On the pot engraves has "Big Cloud Temple Tea Poem" which Tang Dynasty Lu Yan does.Please see the pictures

Former China State Chairman Mr Jiang Zheming has used also the Yixing Purple caly tea pot to entertain Queen of England Elizabeth in Shanghai,China.

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From <<Xing Hua Daily>> (May 12, 2006):

The large-scale sports culture activity 2008 Olympic Games Yixing purple sand began the prologue on the other day in Beijing. This activity will promote 30 sand-fired pot and 8 Olympic Games project each, the sign has 2,008 Beijing Olympic Games to symbolize, the sign will have Olympic committee meeting pennant, on the pot engraves has the Olympic Games medal winner to sign, estimated in Beijing Olympic Games period will limit the quantity to the society sends . According to the sponsor side introduced that, makes the Yixing purple sand represents "the five continents, five links sentiments" the Beijing 2,008 Olympic Games with five colour earth.

Please see the Yixing purple sand pot's pictures of about 2008 Olympic Games
From <<Wuxi daily>> (29 May 2006):

The Chinese Yixing purple clay tea pot manufacture craft will report to a higher authority the world non- matter cultural heritage ,well-known the long Chinese Yixing purple clay tea pot manufacture craft to list as "the Jiangsu Province nationality folk culture protection project", and will report to a higher authority the world non- matter cultural heritage The Chinese Yixing purple clay tea pot in the raw material, takes shape aspect and so on craft, decoration, use tea culture, machine culture connotation all is rich in the national wisdom and the creativity, is the Chinese fine tradition culture representative craft system, it manifests the technical process and the unique style have may not vicariousness, can reflect the Chinese nation the cultural creativity, the cultural special characteristic and the cultural values.


According to "Now Evening news" reported that, 40 volumes of TV serials "Purple Jade Golden Sand " the CCTV eight sets were broadcasting, this teleplay had demonstrated from a brand-new angle of view how the people in the turbulent age, the story which and carries forward the yixing purple clay tea pot this China traditional culture inheritance. As a cultural major drama, this play obtained many purple clay tea pots amateur's affection
"Purple Jade Golden Sand" is the domestic first reflection purple sand culture, the tea culture soap opera. The story take a mystical legendary masculine and feminine elements primal chaos pot as a clue, narrated the Yangchow Pan family two generation of 嫺壇 people winding rough life experience. Revolves the masculine and feminine elements primal chaos pot, from Pan Tianci to the Pan four masters, from the Qing Dynasty to Republic of China, the Qing Dynasty official, the Republic of China plutocrat, the Japanese invader, the assorted character entered the political arena in abundance, has deducted an exciting struggle pot war, has brought honor to the overwhelming national healthy tendency

Please see photo    Tai Ji Ying Yang Pot in the teleplay


On May 6,2006, one huge Yixing purple clay tea pot is showed on Zheng Da Square Shanghai,'s height is 3.5 meter, the weight is 980 kilograms ,This rare tea pot attracted multitudinous resident to settle down waits and sees.

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On 25 Mar 2006, in the central of Shanghai ceramics exposition ,one yixing purple clay tea pots of from Taiwan that made by National great master Mr Lu Yao Cheng ,was public sale on RMB 100,000(USD12500.00). The professional indicated that, at present the purple clay tea pot investment collection community gradually is receiving in a big way, the auction  market is gradually elevating temperature,The price of purple clay tea pots will be rised also.
In last September Beijing "China industrial art high-quality goods auction ", also was a Lu Yao Chen's pot set "the small stone cold fountain pot"(Please see photo) has puplic sale out RMB600,000 (USD75000).this is a "the day price" on that auction, has created the contemporary China purple clay tea pot individual work highest record.

In on century 80's, the work which deceased purple sand master Gu Jingzhou's and Han Meilin cooperated auctions RMB900,000(USD112500.00) on Hong Kong.

According to "treasure collects" statistics, at present the highest auctions deal price is one "Dragon pot" that from Qian Long year,Qing dynasty ,in Jia Shi De auctions,Hong Kong's auctions deal price is 1477000.00 Hong Kong dollars (USD184600.00). 

At present, the home collect most expensive purple clay tea pot is the Qing Dynasty great master  Shao Da Heng 's work "Dragon head bunch of bamboos", the market amounts to 400,000 US dollars, this pot is collected by a Shanghai collector.
From<<Nanning evening news>>
As China country gift,31 pcs Yixing purple clay tea pots was presented to the national leaders and ministers who visit the exposition  of Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Nan Ning, China,2005.11 pcs pots of them were presented to the national leaders,20 pcs pots of them were presented to ministers(Include Vice-premier and vice president of some contries).These national leaders are from ,Malaysian,Singapore ,Thailand, Brunei,Cambodia ,Vietnam,Philippine,Laos, Burma,etc.
Total worth of these tea pots is RMB420,000(USD52500).

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From<<Yangcheng Evening News>>

On the fifth exposition of China Guangzhou international tea culture 2006,one yixing purple clay tea pot was  public sale on the price RMB148,000(USD18500),this price is higher than five times start price.This pot call"Han Yuan Ti Liang Pot".that was made by Yixing high grade craftsman Mr Zhang Honghua.