More Pictures About Yixing Tea Pot

1,The Yixing Purple clay Tea Pot in the China Ancient painting ( 600 years ago)

2,The earliest Yixing Tea Pot: Gong Chun Pot and 

    Gong Chun Statuary  Imitate gongchun pot(sell)

3,The earliest Yixing Tea Pot that being showed in China Museum:

    Ti Liang Pot,unearthed in the tomb of Ming dynasty eunuch Wu Jin

    Imitate ti liang pot(sell)

4, Modern Yixing Tea Pot's cradle:Yixing Su Mountain South Street 

     where many greats masters lived,worked and marketed in there.

5, The Palace Purple Tea Pot of Qing Dynasty That The Emperors used:

     Kang Xi Emperor used      Qiang Long Emperor used

6, The Purple tea pot that was awarded gold award on the Panama international     exhibition in 1919

7 European imitate Yixing Purple Tea Pot on 17 Century

8, China State chairman Mr Jiang Ze Ming welcome in UK Queen Elizabeth use 

  the Yixing  Pot set      The reproduction of this pot set(Sell)

9, Yixing's Mountain,River,Old House,Old Street,lovely Yixing people

10, Special type stamp of Yixing Tea pot that were published by China Postoffice, 

      PS:Four Tea Pots that are printed on the stamp is four famous antique Yixing tea pots, We made their  reproduction for sell(B159)

11The books about yixing zisha tea pot that published newly