The Evolvement In Modeling Crafts

The modeling methods of purple-clay pottery, since Zhengde period in Ming Dynasty, has been becoming more and more perfect, owing to generations of artists exploration and improvement as well as the progress of science and technology. There are various methods which may be summarized into: handforming, injecting mud forming, applying base forming and printing, etc. The handforming base forming, method, an ancient craft, includes beating pot body and inlaying pot body.

Beating pot body forming: First cut the ready clay into pieces in a certain length, width and thickness. Then beat them into clay slices and strips according to the vessel being made. Make scratches on the clay to show the width and whirl the mouth, bottom and body pieces. Stick the body pieces in the center of the revolving plate, and put the clay piece around the body pieces to form a clay tube. Then the left hand inside the round tube, use the right hand, with a thin wood beater, to beat it into desired shape.

Inlaying body forming is applied to make square vessels. First cut the clay into square pieces, then beat them into slices according to the required sizes and make them into sample pieces. Cut the clay into slices according to the sample and stick them together with grease clay. The key of hand forming lies in the appropriateness of the claybase forming and the polishing of the surface. The accurate polishment may make the structure more rigid, the contour more proper and the wrinkles more distinct so as to attain the making requirement of being round as pearls and smooth as jade and create the effect of a unified whole.

Injecting mud forming. Widely adopted in recent ceramic production, it takes advantage of the absorption of the plaster model. Inject mud into the model, then take off the model, a hollow claybase is available.