Dialogue about yixing purple clay tea pot during Ming and Qing Dynasties

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Director: Luo Xiyue honored guest: Wang Jianhua


The sand-fired pot because its usability and the appreciation has both, always receives people's affection. Is same with the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generation of officials kilns famous work, the Ming and Qing Dynasties sand-fired pot also is a goal which the collectors pursues. In today program, we chat the Ming and Qing Dynasties sand-fired pot collection on and everybody.


Director: The audience friends, hello, welcome to "Artware Investment" the program. The sand-fired pot because its usability and the appreciation has both, always receives people's affection. Is same with the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generation of officials kilns famous work, the Ming and Qing Dynasties sand-fired pot also is a goal which the collectors pursues. In today program, we chat the Ming and Qing Dynasties sand-fired pot collection on and everybody. Today arrives our studio honored guest is Palace Museum's associate research fellow Ms. Wang Jianhua, Ms. Wang hello.

Honored guest: Hello


Director: Ms. Wang, as far as I know, the sand-fired pot is follows the people in the Ming Dynasty 饮茶 the custom change but to appear along with it. In in our country at present archaeology recording, discovered the age earliest sand-fired pot was in 1965 unearthed in the bright 嘉靖年间 court eunuch Wu Jingmu sand-fired pot.


Honored guest: Is such, then Wu Jingmu the unearthed this sand-fired pot is an earliest thing sand-fired pot which we saw, it has the accurate age, the Ming Dynasty Jiajing grave, has the inscription. It said from this modelling, it already was 21 kinds handles the pot, another collar extension, is that class also has the decoration peduncle grain, is that drum comes out nearby that applique that, calls to play the part of the peduncle grain. It already decorated the craft already developed to the certain degree, moreover at that time because did quite thinly, in order to be invariable, in order to reinforce at that time inside this quite thin lid, but also added on a cross, a cross support was same, like this it as for did not make in the process in the fever to distort, causes this pot its shape to send perfectly, it at that time burnt the sand-fired pot burns the pot specially, it was with some big cylinders, the big pot, enamelled the thing burnt together, therefore this pot had that "cylinder world glaze tear", It in burns this big cylinder time, it splashed on some to glaze, pastes on its surface. It basically has the representation very much, has represented Ming Dynasty later period sand-fired pot some characteristics.


Director: Looked from the history that, the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations a peak time which are our country ceramics produce. At that time manufactured the fine chinaware not only in domestic to collect widely, at the same time also massive exportation to overseas. But resembles as the earthenware representative's sand-fired pot also similarly receives the overseas the value.


Honored guest: Right, because was clear in the end of the Ming dynasty, China's chinaware started massively to sell Europe, but the Yixing kiln took a place kiln the characteristic, also massively sold the overseas as the disparity, until now, Europe's common people they managed this sand-fired pot to be called the red chinaware, they called it like this. Then we now saw to Europe's nearly all royal courts, all museums, basically has a scale, has the purple sand completely collection.


Director: Then to the Ming Dynasty last stage, should say is mature period which the sand-fired pot produces. But in this period most has the great reputation purple sand master is Shi Da Bing, produces in the sand-fired pot in history, Shi Da Bing should be a pivotal character.


Honored guest: Shi is refined he is greatly in "for in the spring pot" foundation, achieved the teapot the ultimate good to reach American the degree, said it had practical and the artistic function, moreover also was one kind of artware. Therefore Shi Da Bing in the Chinese sand-fired pot history is a milestone -like character.


Director: In the present artware market, may see frequently to the greatly refined funds sand-fired pot, what appearance then the genuine greatly refined pot should be?


Honored guest: The common Shi Da Bing's pot has these characteristics: First its modelling quite full, what meaning is full is? Is quite plentiful somewhat, another its sandy compares the Qing Dynasty the pot to want thick, is said it gives human's feeling to be extremely plain, moreover inside its pot water leakage kondow is, then jumped over to afterwards starts to turn four five especially to the Qing Dynasty, even seven nine all had, but also some 11. The greatly refined pot has has the funds, some do not have the funds, this appraises the basis. Then said distinguishes a sand-fired pot to be supposed to obtain from four aspects, as soon as looks at the sandy, second looked is looked its modelling is very plain, very repeatedly decorative design in a utensil very many, was the age quite is late, that third was must think its manufacture craft, the manufacture craft includes that buccal cavity, this also takes an appraisal basis. Fourth is must read the inscription, the general early sand-fired pot does not have the seal script funds, every was the seal script funds or is some patterns all is basic is Qing Dynasty's thing. Therefore I thought if must distinguish clearly the sand-fired pot age, must result in looked, like this can some some feelings, then we may obtain Ming Dynasty's pot and Qing Dynasty's pot are extremely clear. If is the light looked the record or is the light reads, was cannot solve the problem.


Director: Looked like collects the amateur to have to want to grow own eyesight, but also must study in above several aspects. Today our short film leading character Mr. Sha Zhiming, is infatuated with the old person which collects in the sand-fired pot, looked together today "Visits Virtuously Searches Treasure".


Director: Ms. Wang, in the flat and thin piece Mr. Sha collected a moment ago that kind of famille rose sand-fired pot should be only then starts in the Qing Dynasty to appear.


Honored guest: Yes, because the famille rose sand-fired pot has profited from the Jingdezhen chinaware decoration characteristic, was decorates some famille roses in the sand-fired pot, the basically sand-fired pot famille rose was appears in Qianlong, or was after Qianlong, compared with saw. Mentions the Qing Dynasty to come, in the middle of the purple sand also has is the not allow to neglect character is Chen Mingyuan. The famous expert biggest most will have the achievement which in time greatly refined system pot later will be Chen Mingyuan, he will do the pot wanted Ming Dynasty's pot to be more careful than some, might say in the sand-fired pot manufacture, opened a new world, then he has represented this time model characteristic, he no longer general purely made a pot, but was this poetry, but also had some drawing, the seal, all had to display on the pot, moreover he engraved the funds also extremely to be fastidious, starts to make "with seal script" Chen Mingyuan, Or "calls far makes" all to have. His pot entire for the human felt his decoration was complex.

Director: Ms. Wang, resembles after this, the writer then starts to participation gradually to in the sand-fired pot manufacture, has formed a collection poem, the book, the picture, the seal cutting in a body design system.


Honored guest: Is such, the dry fine time writer participates in the sand-fired pot manufacturing into one kind of atmosphere, then the most renowned representative character is Chen Man lives with Yang the Peng year, they unify the manufacture the pot. Because Chen Man lived itself also is at that time renowned 篆刻家, inscription on stone tablet and bronze scientist, then he on invited Yang Peng Nian after, designed the test specimen by him, he designed and the manufacture pot together with Yang Peng Nian, in at that time unusual expensive, then he was said this "pot was expensive by the character, the character passed on" by the pot, this pot basis according to it the character but this price earth to elevate very much. Through the human which uses this pot his calligraphy has also spread over the folk. At that time had this view, therefore the dry fine time started to have this kind of social convention, then was most successful may say most had the representative character is Chen Man lives the pot which year manufactured together with Yang the Peng. Now we also call it "gracefully to live pot". General gracefully lives under the pot the funds to call "Aman room".


Director: Looked like the celebrity seal cutting regarding the sand-fired pot value influence is very big, at present at 拍卖会 also frequently has in the sand-fired pot to pat, we have a look them to finalize a deal together the situation.

Director: Ms. Wang, looked like these Ming and Qing Dynasties sand-fired pot the price difference is very disparate, then says generally, from works and so on the aspect sand-fired pot may divide into several scales?


Honored guest: Divides into three scales approximately, the first scale is the most senior, that is a pot which serves as a tool, then the second kind which is presents tribute for the emperor uses or is specially which designs according to the emperor the design manufactures is we large quantities of saw to, the famous expert famous litterateur the pot which cooperates with the renowned artisan, for instance said makes the pot like Chen Mingyuan, lives the pot like Chen Man which year manufactures together with Yang the Peng, all belongs to the quite good writer pot. Then the third kind is, vigorously measures land the production which uses as the common people, in the purple sand artisan mouth, they calls "crudely-made goods" on tube this kind, take practical as goal, collection value speech, if is the pot which serves as a tool, the palace pot, the ordinary person economical financial resource are limited, then the folk also very little saw, has some conditions the limit, (collection) the possibility is not very big. But it has the certain cultural connotation as the writer pot, moreover some, I which is the famous expert and the renowned skill artisan manufactures thought this kind of pot has very in a big way 保值 the space, although the value is not very cheap, has 23, or is in 100000, almost, but I thought it has very in a big way 保值 the space, because writer's pot it does after all is knows how things stand, the valuable thing is after all knows how things stand, therefore I thought collects this kind of pot, if has the financial resource, should take a direction. Then took in the general teahouse the common people use pot, if you use are may buy, but if took the collection the speech, its revaluation space is not too big, therefore I thought should be supposed to place that sand-fired pot collection emphasis point writer pot this together.


Director: Looked like although is a small sand-fired pot is containing such many knowledge actually, perhaps this is precisely the sand-fired pot charm is at. Thanks Ms. Wang to us to introduce today such many the knowledge which collects about the sand-fired pot, thank you.


Honored guest: Is impolite.


Director: Also will thank audience friends watching, the tomorrow identical time we goodbye.