Most famous purple clay potter masters and their Tea Pot from China Ancient to the present age and today:

Ming Dynasty (A.D.1368-A.D.1644)

Gong Chun(A.D.1500-?),first master who have name for made Yixing Purple sand tea pot in China ancient.there was only one true tea pot in this world that was collected in China History Museum in Bei Jin

Shi Da Bing(A.D.1580-A.D.1650).He had invented a full conventional making technologyfor make Yixing tea pot.His pots were collected in Shanghai History Museum ,Nan Jin History Museum and San Francisco Asia Art Museum in USA.

Qing Dynasty(A.D.1644-A.D.1911)

Cheng Ming Yuan(A.D.1680-?),He was a very famous Master in Qing Dynasty,His tea pots were collected in many history museums such as Washington Art Museum,Seattle Art Museum.Hong Kong

Chinese university Museum,Shanghai Museum.Tian Jing Art Meseum,Yixing Pottery Museum.

Cheng Man Shen(A.D.1768-A.D.1822).He invented famous "Man Shen Pot"that maind 38 designs and bringed great effect to later masters.

Shao Da Heng((A.D.1837-A.D.1874),He had leaved only a little of the tea pots in this world,but all of these tea pots are excellence.

Huang Yu Ling(A.D.1842-A.D.1913),He is importest purple sand potter master in Qing Dynasty.His pot was collected in Bei Jin the Imperial Palace Museum now

The Republic of China(A.D.1911-A.D.1949 ) to today:

Cheng Shou Zhen(A.D.1857-A.D.1939)His pot had got gold cup in 1926 Philadelphia Sesquicentennial Celebration and the International Expositions in Leipzig and Liege in the 1930s.

Yu Guo Liang(A.D.1874-A.D.1939),a famous purple sand potter master in period of the Republic of China.

Feng Gui Ling(A.D.1907-A.D.1945)

Gu Jing Zhou(A.D.1915-A.D.1996),He is one of the most outatanding potters in purple caly of our age,He is praised as "a great master of our period","a star in the art of tea pot making".His reputation rivals that of Shi Da Bing of Ming Dynasty.

Zhu Ke Xin( A.D.1904-A.D.1986).

Pei Shi Ming(A.d.1892-A.D.1979).

Wu Yun Geng(A.D.1892-A.D.1969).

Jiang Rong( A.D.1919-  )

Wang Yian Xian(A.D.1943- ).

Lu Yiao Chen(A.D.1941- ).

Xu Han Tang(A.D.1932- ).

Li Chang Hong(A.D.1937- ).

Gu Dao Rong(a.D.1937- ).

Zhou Gui Zheng(A.D.1943-).

Xie Man Lun(A.D.1942- ).

Ge Jun,a famous influential young potter craftsman 

Hua Jian Min, a famous influential young potter craftsman