Jiangsu arts and Crafts Master Lv Junjie crystal gem twist clay wishful pot

Dimensions: length: 15.5cm, width: 10cm, height: 11cm, 380cc

Mr Lv Junjie, son of Chinese arts master Lv Yaochen, master of Arts and crafts of Jiangsu Province, member of China Artists Association, member of China Folk Artists Association, member of China Arts and Crafts Association, professor level senior craft artist. Graduated from Nanyang Institute of the arts, his father Lv Yaochen (Master of China Arts and crafts). The Jiangsu Human Environment Art Design Institute sculpture Ceramic Research Institute deputy director, research fellow, a visiting professor at the Jiangnan University, Nanjing University School of the arts distinguished artist. His works "mirage" won the first prize of Jiangsu ceramic art contest, "Fisherman's song" won the first prize of the Seventh National Ceramic rating, "luck" and "Sanyangkaitai" won the thirty-seventh Tourist Arts and Crafts Fair gold medal, "he" won the fifth West Lake Expo Gold Medal, "Tianshui" by the State Council in Ziguangge, Zhongnanhai collection between. Works at the same time by the Chinese Art Museum, the National Museum of China. Lv Junjie not only accepted the formal professional education, and adhering to the "power in the pot" physical training, on phonological, martial arts, painting and other areas steeped deep. Known as a "respect for nature, imitation of nature", "rise above the common herd", "with an international perspective" of the modern ceramic artists. In 2003, to assume the task of investigating the historical and cultural big play "CCTV" purple sand pot art consultant, and the important role of high Chamaecyparis pisifera / mirror air mage, and Mr. Lv Yaochen cooperation "Yin and Yang Tai chi pot" created the purple sand art development new height.

CCTV, Shanghai TV, Jiangsu TV, radio and television, sound, Singapore Singapore United morning post, evening make special reports. Went to Malaysia, Taiwan etc. to host purple collections and art exchange. The United States, Germany, Singapore works, Japan, Malaysia, Hongkong, Taiwan Museum, art galleries and collectors.