Mr Jiang Jian jun:
advanced crafts, arts and crafts society, member of China ceramic association in jiangsu province
Born in 1963 in yixing, jiangsu special pottery family, number: Wen Shixuan. Also known as: building. Have been affected by household ceramics, since the childhood of ceramic production developed an interest, in the purple sand factory, has been engaged in the creation of art and design, in 89 graduated from the yixing of jiangsu province light industry school < > ceramic technology professional, a former violet arenaceous factory kam dutt art class teacher, in 95 into the central technology academy for further study, creation, often Gu Shaopei heart rate by his teacher for advice, making POTS skill by leaps and bounds, unique design, careful production, the style is novel, in all kinds of awards in the selection, was deeply loved by pot of the friends. Five head drop tea > < in 1995 won the fifth ceramic art festival third prize. 2002 < > double blessing pot won the first prize of excellent works of art in jiangsu province. < 2003 > wind pot won China's top ten tea pot of silver, and 2003 < > spring pot won the fourth prize of excellent works of works of arts and crafts master of China. The < 2004 > spring pot wuxi expo permanent collection. 2004 < > the banana rain pot won the second session of wuxi taihu exposition, superior craft
Products exhibition gold award. < 2004 > changle pot won gold prize of Beijing arts and crafts boutique competitions. In September, 2005, "brick" penghu-glance "won the third, wuxi taihu exposition, Chinese violet arenaceous art exhibition" taihu lake cup "bronze award. In October 2005 "changle pot" hangzhou west lake expo, arts and crafts master of China Both the arts and crafts boutique exposition was awarded a prize of all.
In October 2006, "five water tea" the eighth world national ceramic art design innovation appraisal to be included in the award in April 2006, "the wind girder" 2006 China wuxi wu culture festival "wu charm" large-scale exhibition silver medal.