The Pictures of the glass Tea pot.Cup and Gai Wan(Cooking Glass):

Glass tea mugs with filter:F2374-F2388

F1151-F1171     F213-F216,F218-F221,F414    F794-F796

F524,F1080,F1081    F1237,F1238     F1361   F1462(set)

F1464  F1465    F1466-F1468   F1469   F1470-F1472

F1473-F1475    F1476   F1497-F1499     F1954-F1965

Big glass tea pot:1000cc:F2001     F2014(Ti liang pot 850cc)

F2015(Straight handle pot)         F2507: Square pot

Glass pot set that from the Famous Brand:" :Ming Shang De"

: F2016   F2017   F2018   F2019   F2020

Other Glass pot set:    F2844-F2852    F2853    F2854    F2855

F2856    F2857,F2858     F2859,F2860    F2900,F2901

Glass big cups and pot:F2971-F2978

Glass porcelain gaiwan:F3105-F3109

Stove For Glass tea pot:F2002    F2003

High qualiy glass travel mugs:

F2005, F2006-F2008   F2009  F010  F2011

Glass tea boat: F2012

Glass FaircupF3665-F3671     Glass Tea cup: F3672-F3677

Glass Tea pot:F3678-F3689

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