<<China Purple clay>>  is one special art film(DVD) that introduce unique China purple clay tea pot, it is exclusive in China.total eight collestions,230 minutes,four copies.it include also one China ancient line packing book,one keepsake of purple clay plate.

This film introduce the history of yixing clay tea pots from Ming dynasty ,Qing dynasty to Contemporary.the lead in the film are famous person and the national level great masters,there are 600 pcs national treasure level clay tea pots were shoted in this film,Many rare informations,history dates and arts and crafts technology mystique were opened out in this film firstly.it will help you know what is purple clay tea pot,why many people like use it and collect it on this world ,why On May 16 ,2010 at the China Guardian 2010 Spring Auction ,One Yixing tea pot(Shi Piao pot) that were made by Mr Gu Jing Zhou in 1948 was auctioned at 1.82 million U.S. dollars of the transaction price.
This film is Chinese language.