Here is some feedback information to our products and service from our clients

Date: Tue, 26 May 2015 17:08:14 -0400
Subject: Re: Your order
Thank You Thank You Mr. Xu for our wonderful order of teawares that arrived yesterday
Everything is perfect nothing is broken
I look forward to doing more business with you soon!
Andrew Snavely
78 N Lexington Ave
Asheville, North Carolina USA 28801

Dear Xu,
I have received the tea pots today.  Again: Thank you very much for the good service and the high quality of the delivered products.  I wish I could give you a rating on your service offering, it would be a AAA indeed.  I hope to do business again.
Best regards,
Thorsten Zwiener

Bremerstr. 46

Essen , 45239



Dear Mr Xu Zhongmin,

greetings from Melbourne . I hope this email finds you

in very good health.

Today I unpacked our latest shipment and I must tell you that I am extremely

pleased with the good quality of all the pots. The Official title pots

especially are beautiful....

Thank you for your professional approach to my orders, Mr Xu. I am building

a strong customer base, including some Chinese collectors, now. I very much

appreciate your help in developing this aspect of my business.

-------From Pamela Morrison, Silk Road Tea Place 83A Capel Street,

West Melbourne 3003 Victoria,Australia



Hello Xu Zhongmin,


I picked up the teapots from the warehouse yesterday - they are beauties! We are so happy...

We are definitely planning on ordering again and have some questions about future orders since our larger plan is to wholesale the teapots in

the U.S. ...

Thanks so much for being an honest and high quality vendor,

 ---- From Dina


3432 East Broadway Ave.

Long Beach , CA 90803   USA



Dear Xu

We are very happy with the teapots. On our last order, not a single one was


We have sold nearly all of the teapots from our last order and are ready to

place a new order... Thank you again for your excellent service and products.


----- From James Sisk

Atlantic PC 105A Beacon Road,Middle River,

Maryland 21220 USA.



Dear Mr Xu


Thank you for your kind comments.  I too hope that everything is well with


The new teapots are very nice...Sales are increasing and the response from our customers is very good.  I am very interested in the special teapots by named potters.


I expect that I shall be ordering again in one to two months.

-----From Clive Donald

Brupaks,Units 46-48 Colne Valley

Business Park Linthwaite Huddersfield HD7 5QG, England


Dear Mr. Xu Zhong Min

We have received the shippment that you send to us in Feburary 00 and our

customers like it very much....

We have rec'd some of your photoes.  Can you send us some more $8.50 version

pictures?  Most of our customers like this price range product....

----- From Mrs Kemp

Chi Fai's Inc.

568 Village Drive ,

Westwinds Village

Tarpon Springs

Florida 34689  USA


Dear Sir:

The teapots that I ordered have arrived. They are quite beautiful. I am very

impressed with the quality of the work. Thank you for your help.

Yours truly,

----- From Jo Ann Reno

Reno Imports Jo Ann Reno,Owner

Add:8351 San Cristobal

Dallas Texas 75218,USA


Dear Mr Xu

  …. Your packaging is very good.  We believe you have had many experiences in this branch. …. We are really very satisfied about your packaging quality….

We wish really work with you, and, for our next order :



Orizon Asia

5.rue Danton-75006 Paris-France


Dear Xu Zhongmin,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

We are very pleased with the pots you have sent and have many people

> interested.

  Order should be ready in approximately 1 week.

Many people have enjoyed the teapots we ordered and look forward to seeing



Rick Doty

High Mountain Teas

Rick Doty and Elizabeth McNannay

26627 Forest Park Lane

Rocky Point, Oregon   USA


Dear Mr. Xu:

       I received the shipment on 7/10/02 all in excellent condition. Thanks for packing it so carefully and the extras you included. It is much appreciated. The antique pots are more impressive in person and I can see how it is easy to collect them. Tell me, how can you judge the age of the pots and are the chopmarks of anyone that I should mention. I would appreciate you sharing any knowledge with me to educate me about the old pots. I hope that the new merchandise sells well and I can order more from your soon. All the best and thanks again for the upright business that you have conducted with me.




From Michael Sanft

Generation Tea

6 Sydell Lane

Spring Valley , New York 10977




Hello Mr. Xu Zhongmin;  My first shipment of teapots has now arrived and I'm very pleased with the quality and all were in excellent condition……..I will place another order shortly.  I look forward to your reply.  Thank you.



From Alan Hickey

3535 Balsam Rd.

Pickering , Ontario

Canada  L1X 2W5



Dear Zhongmin,

I received the teapot shipment a couple of days ago.

I'm in the process of going through all the products

,Overall, they are very good, 厖

I want to reorder a few more pots and cups from you,

Kevin Luu

299 Old County Road #11

San Carlos, CA 94070 (USA)


Dear Mr. Xu Zhongmin,


I wanted to let you know that I picked up my order in Boston on December 16, 2002 and how pleased I am with the teapots.  They are even more beautiful than the pictures on your web site! 

All of the teapots arrived intact?.

Very truly yours,

Mary J. McCarthy

AJ  Enterprises

78 Western Circle

Westfield, MA  01085


Dear Mr. Xu:

       We received the freight on Friday. All in all it was in good condition. Glad for small things...The rectangle teapot is beautiful, our compliments to the maker. By the way can you tell me his (or her ) name so I can tell if someone asks. Any other makers of the teapots I orderd would be appreciated. It makes it nice if I can tell the buyer who made the particular pot. I also like the T14? craftman teapot. It is surely a piece of art. I will let you know how things progress. Thanks again for your care and attention. All the best.



Michael Sanft

Generation Tea

PO Box 907

Monsey, NY 10952 USA



Dear Xu Zhongmin,

I am writing to tell you I have received my shipment last week, and am very happy with everything.

I have not unpacked everything, since I need to keep it in storage for a few more months until the teahouse opens, but it seems like nothing was broken.

I am sure the customers to the teahouse are going to love the teaware, and I will be making more orders very soon.

Thank you very much.


Miki Shamir

1239 Pine Tree Lane

Sebastopol , CA 95472



Dear Xu


We received the shipment today and everything seems to have arrived in one piece. We thank you kindly and look forward to placing another order very soon.

KInd regards


Beyond The Horizon


PO BOX 32112 SMB

Galleria Plaza

Grand Cayman

British West Indies ,


Dear Mr. Xu Zhongmin,


Please send me your wholesale price list.  I will be placing an order in January 2004.  This will be my second order to your company.


I placed my first order in October 2002 and was very pleased with your merchandise.




Mary J. McCarthy

AJ Enterprises

78 Western Circle

Westfield , MA   01085



Dear Mr Xu

Just wanted to let you know that I have received my products, I am very happy with them, thank you for the bags, I wish I would have had more of them, but maby in the next order.  Everything arrived just fine, no broken products, thank you again for all of your help and working with me, I hope we can work together again very soon. thank you, Linda Kelly, Minneapolis Minnesota , USA


Good day Mr. Zhongmin,


> I never expect T65 able to be crafted special without carving.  Mrs. Xu Mai

> Hua is extra generous and kind to make teapot special for me.  Please send

> thank you for me.


> T66 and T67 are both very interesting.  The mouse on lid is amazing and

> different.  He almost look real.  Very much like mouse my cat might bring

> home.  I am always interested in new teapot designs.  Your teapot craft

> makers have wonderful ingenuity and imagination.  I am always impressed with

> your maker's creative teapots.


> Thank you again,

1         Mary


Dear Mr. Xu,


I have received the pots from my last order.

All came without any damage thanks to your solid packing.


We all are enjoying your tea pots and cups.

They are so beautiful and authentic.

Tea even tastes better in them.


Thank you again.


We may put another order some time soon.




Sungkook Kim

 20568 Cedarbrook Terrace, Cupertino , CA 95014.USA



1         hi Mr Xu,
I've received the teapots . they are perfect .
I like very much this phrase carving on T11 :" the simple taste enhance the
clever mind "
thank you very much
nguyen ngoc thanh


Dear Mr. Xu,
I have reviewed the contents of the two boxes and all seem in order.  The
 teapots are beautiful and none broken.
 thank you

Robert Scott

3 Liberty Trail

Newton . New Jersey

07860 USA




To: xu

Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 4:25 PM

Subject: Re: tea & pot order 23.10.2006


Dear Mr Xu,

The packet arrived yesterday and  everything was as it was agreed. The pots are beautiful and opening the packet was a happy occasion.

Thank You very much for your excellent service.

Matti Kuikka


To: xu

Sent: Monday, February 12, 2007 3:59 AM

Subject: I received my order

Hello Xu,

I received my order today!  I want to thank you for your outstanding service and wonderful products.  I am very impressed.  Your teapots are made with great quality and look fantastic.  I was also impressed with the way that you packed each teapot against breakage.  Very good job!  I am taking inventory of them right now, but so far everything seems to be exactly in order……. 

Thanks again for your wonderful service and products!

Best regards,


Renegade Tea

1404 North Tustin Avenue , M-2

Santa Ana , California 92705



Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2007 5:46 AM

Subject: samples arrived



Hi Zhongmin

Just to let you know the shipment arrived in perfect condition.  I am very happy with the products.  I will be very pleased to do business with you.  I am still a little while from opening my store but will be in contact soon with my list of products I will be ordering. Looking forward to working with you.


Best Regards


2452 Topsail Rd

Conception Bay South

Newfoundland , Canada

A1W 5R4