General remark Yixing purple sand decoration

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The Yixing purple sand decoration is has glorious historical and rich power art.

Yixing purple sand decoration art, divides into two kind of types roughly. One kind is the entertainer determination and not on own initiative carries on in the system pot process the craft a bamboo pole from the body decoration. Another kind is through the entertainer or other people after the system pot process, the system pot process had finished sedulously or attention 茗壶 modelling, cuts the pot, is relevant to the subject, cuts Italy, cuts the redesign which the famous institute carries on, plans, the idea sectional type mixes the body decoration. Also these two kind of decorations type coexists, shines mutually, causes the pot skill decoration technique the innovation and the development enhances to 与日俱进 the region.

The purple sand from the body decoration, mainly divides into models carves decorates two kinds with the line.

Models the vulture is refers to one kind of Xiao shape sculpture household utensils and has the relief, half sculpture in the round decoration household utensils general designation. Namely these select material the nature fruits and melons flowers and trees, the insect bird fish beast, perhaps in geometry physique and so on the side, circle carries on piles utensil of the vulture decoration. This decoration technique technique already gradually developed into the purple sand future deliveries main manufacture method in the historical advancement, and harmoniously in the purple sand future deliveries modelling modelling technique, already involved to purple sand future deliveries modelling clay modelling all varieties. Therefore, this kind already became the purple sand modelling necessity from the body decoration and must took shape the craft technique, already in this glossary divided in the people usual concept it from "the decoration".

The purple sand line utilization is similar to the purple sand to model carves is same, some not merely the decoration role, at the same time also plays the function. The purple sand decoration line change is rich, expressive force, mainly is in the circle, Fang Qi, between the muscle grain has each kind of variation. Like appropriately utilizes each kind of line, may enable modelling of essential factor various spots to achieve the coordination is harmonious, by strengthens the prominent physique the expressive force. The purple sand various parts cross section either the circle or the side, or in the side lodge the circle, or in the circle lodges the side. When distortion, the outline linear correspondingly has the metamorphosis, in the entity three-dimensional space various planes, appears, the fluctuation concave-convex along with it and so on the subtle change, thus has the rich purple sand modelling space 层次感, the volume feeling and the modelling is beautiful. Has the representative purple sand decoration line to have the lampwick line, the sub- generatrix, the cloud shoulder line, the concave facet, the skin zone lines, the concave shoulder line, the muscle grain line, pulls out angle line, knuckle and so on. A kind mainly plays to the modelling structure reinforcement role calling "the structure line", a kind is pure the decoration function calling "the decoration line". This kind already became the purple sand line utilization from the body decoration the necessity and must took shape the craft technique, in people's usual concept also with modelled carves is same, already in this glossary divided it from "the decoration".

The Yixing purple sand decoration art outset, the development and its the evolution, have formed the different style, the different form, the different technique, the different expression way, the type is many, the unique purple sand earthenware decoration art performance way. Under introduces the Yixing purple sand decoration all sorts of forms, the method and the artistic effect.

First, purple sand Tao Ke

Tao Ke is one of purple sand main decoration techniques. It writes a letter on another's behalf by the knife, by engraves the generation to draw, melts the poem, the book, the picture, engraves the various art in a body, has the intense national style and the place characteristic. Yuan Mocai si?? "霁 a Garden Clump of Language" in records said that, "Under Yu Yubai attains a purple sand pot", has "also drinks tea. Clear hides "the grass script five characters, is sees in the description earliest purple sand ceramic engraves the writing. When Ming Dynasty greatly refined and so on the human, the calligraphy is elegant, the bamboo sword engraves delimits, quite bears goes into niceties of. "Positive Envy Tea Ceramic Record" records when he "carves the pot funds, initially please can the book set pen to paper, by bamboo sword picture it, or by mark. Latter transports the knife to become the character unexpectedly, the calligraphy elegantly, "Is happy Resolutely" in "Yellow Courtyard" pastes, the human cannot imitate, appreciated home use thought leaves." Uncle Zhang has not had a cloud "to truncate the bamboo to carve keeps the cross inscription, wipes Farben unexpectedly" Yellow Courtyard "." When the greatly refined pot bottom carves the inscription "cup of clear tea, may seep the poem spleen", until now still for drank tea the amateur to love to talk about, regarded the motto. Chen Mingyuan is engraves the ceramic the form to transfer to from the bottom inscription one of pot inscription everybody. He "Pumpkin Pot" a body side carves the inscription good regular script "to imitate the Dongling type, abundantly comes the snow frankincense", calligraphy classically elegant, has the Jin Tang style, praises for the posterity, the significance is long, affects profoundly. In purple sand Tao Keshi the achievement magnificence should (gracefully live) for Chen Hongshou. The painter-calligrapher, golden Shijia's Chen Hongshou (gracefully lived) once adores concentrates the pot inscription creation, the idea marvelously, the design was novel, with renowned entertainer Yang the Peng year cooperation, own and its the writer good friend inscribed a poem does painting, carves on the inscription pot. The end product collection modelling, the poetry, the calligraphy, the drawing, the inscription on stone tablet and bronze in a body, became the style to be unique, to spread, mostly still engraves the model masterpiece until now widely for the purple sand ceramic. By the world person was called it "gracefully lives the pot", "the character according to the pot biography, the pot is expensive along with the character", engraved art to the purple sand ceramic to make the historical contribution. After it gracefully lives, the purple sand ceramic engraves the decoration development for the pot body main decoration, and has in the history various stages famous □D to engrave, the calligraphy and painting famous expert is involved, like Zheng Banqiao, Ju Ziye, Zhu Shimei, Mei Diaoding, Wu Changshuo, no matter what the primary year, Wu Da? □, Yu Youren, Cai Yuanpei and so on, forms one kind of house modelling, the poetry, the calligraphy, the drawing, the inscription on stone tablet and bronze in a body purple sand unique style. After Qing Dynasty, the purple sand ceramic engraves the decoration to develop into together the specialized production working procedure. The theme and the form are extremely widespread. The scenery, flower-and-bird, the character, the well-informed in ancient learning design and so on are the picturesque source material, but the calligraphy is the essential decoration content. The grass, the Magistrate, □D, Zhong Ding, the stone drum inscriptions and so on each kind of different calligraphy style, causes the modelling and the decoration organic synthesis, complements each other. The purple sand ceramic engraves, does not do without authorization to display the picture level, but also is fastidious the composition, the image, the knife skill tone and dynamics. The ceramic engraves the knife skill to divide into "double enters the knife skill", "the single tool side enters the law", "flushes the knife skill", "the duplicate knife skill", "cuts the knife skill", "the dance knife skill", "punctures the knife skill", "bends down the knife skill", "buries the knife skill", "the light knife skill", "the astringent knife skill", "frustrates the knife skill", "flies the knife skill", "the counter- knife skill", "swims the knife skill", "the late knife skill", "the even knife skill", "the auxiliary knife skill" and so on. The ceramic engraves the basic expression means to divide into: "Clear engraves", "the sand engraves", "the coloration engraves", "positive engraves", "spatially engraves" and so on.

Second, the purple sand putty draws

The putty draws is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. It take the pen as the tool, take the purple sand putty material as "the ink" is "the pigment", by draws a generation of labor, by draws writes a letter on another's behalf, either draws the scenery flower-and-bird, either draws the character to be well-informed in ancient learning, either draws the calligraphy poetry, either draws the life maxim, melts the poem calligraphy and painting various art in a body, has the intense national style and the place characteristic. The putty draws uses the orthodox school the purple sand putty material is "the ink", "the pigment", draws the book drawing on 茗壶, this is in a purple sand entertainer history big creation. It distinguishes between other raw materials, the pigment, glazes on the purple sand 茗壶 decoration method technique, is purple sand decoration language and technique which is in sole possession of. Looked from passing on that, the putty drew begins in the end of the Ming dynasty to be clear at the beginning of. Looked from the luster that, the putty draws divides into the single color to draw with the double color draws two kinds. The single color draws all stipples by the true colors mud, thick is mainly thin with the line, the length, the surface size, thickness and so on expresses the thing far and near, sense of reality and so on the actual situation, the artistic effect resembles mt. shoushan stone carving it "my poor gift" the bas-relief. The double color draws by the pot embryo outside another color, like on the sand-fired pot embryo with Zhu Ni, the green mud, the well distributed putty comes a pile of picture. Like all colors of, tri-colored glazed pottery the chinaware, luster gorgeous, compared to true colors eye-catching, contrast intense, the cosmetic is rich. Multicolor and Shi Changyi a color primarily, his color auxiliary it, the artistic effect is extremely good. Like the American Seattle museum hides Chen Mingyuan to be handed down for generations the work "Plum tree Pot", the embryo assumes the purple red, on the pot the plum spendthrift's colored mud piles draws but becomes, plum blossom for faint yellow, the contrast is intense, lifelike. The American Riffle art center hides clear at the beginning of famous teacher Chen Hanwen "Putty To draw Hexagonal Granulated substance Pot", six all play the part of the scenery and the Qianlong imperial poem, shoulder Ge Huamei, the muscle clears off the bone, is cover all. The Beijing capital museum hides "Made by the emperor himself Poem Square-mouthed jar", "Gao Denggong the Pot" piles by the true colors putty draws the Qianlong imperial poem, is unified with 茗壶 the construction style, the coordination, has the clear at the beginning of typical vast magnificent style. The clear at the beginning of putty draws, Tibet which master Yang Jichu does in the Suzhou museum "Putty Draws Scenery Purple sand Pen container", by yellow, purple, black and red brown isochromatic putty plan, harmonious but becomes with the true colors embryo, picture vivid, writing technique exquisite, thick then stereoscopic effect, thin then 视觉性 is beautiful, is the purple sand putty draws the decoration the traditional classics to represent the work, once affected generation of generation of later generation putty to draw the entertainer. Like Chen Man fresh "Actually Month Pot", on the reddish brown pot embryo the pile draws the black putty scenery, the mountain range layer upon layer folds, far Shan Jinzhou, 亭台 scenery, each level clearly demarcated, the decoration style is graceful, obtains the good artistic effect. Also has Yang Lvgan, Shao spring waits for the master to make the putty to draw the work, with pen adept experienced, with putty tone accurate, depth each level clearly demarcated, the attention ideal condition is profound, the picture calligraphy rich extremely thick books breath, endures for the purple sand putty draws model of the decoration.

Third, purple sand mold India applique

The mold India applique is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. It by the woman with a made-up face, returns to design and so on grain does plays the part of Yu Huti, the cover for a jar or attaches on the assorted items, with pot body modelling style unified, the coordination is symmetrical. It models the hand with the future deliveries which carves uses to pinch the relief technique to be completely different, needs to draw support the stamp, the wooden mold, Tao Muhuo the gypsum pattern, uses the stamping, the stamp, mold India, the applique, India in the stamp mold piles and so on the many kinds of techniques, the print material quality has the difference respectively, the decoration effect also 大不一样. In ceramic all Yixing, as early as in Neolithic time, ancients in order to beautify the earthenware, has used the method which the stamping, the racket namely and engraves delimits to decorate the earthenware. On the being handed down for generations geometry stamped pottery earthenware jar presents the rule with irregular grain India is the decoration which the stamping stays behind. The mold India applique is handed down for generations 茗壶, may 见于 on the Song Dynasty sheep Hornberg purple sand ancient ruins unearthed relic duplicate original part, be in most early in the earthenware stamping technique foundation, inherits to the purple sand decoration craft in. It takes root gradually by the most primitive decoration method in the purple sand decoration. And develops, the refinement unceasingly and is fine. Has according to which may test the Ming Dynasty "the Wu Diameter Handles Pot" the mouth of a jug and pot body linking up place, pastes on the persimmon shape to play the part of the piece to use for to decorate. This persimmon shape plays the part of the piece is four petals persimmon calyxes shape grain leaf blade, is the purple sand has the age characteristic the mold India applique decoration. To Qing Dynasty after, mold India applique decoration craft already very neat fine, some clear Qianlong is handed down for generations "Chrysanthemum To handle Pot", around the pot body and the base use the mold India applique decoration craft, the pattern clearly may debate, processing clean agile, rigorous is fine, even coordination, one of for purple sand mold India applique tradition classical excellent works. The common sand-fired pot center form India applique decoration use is not too many, only is in the pot neck, the shoulder, the foot, the lid trims and so on the spot makes some geometry grains or returns to the grain decoration. Also has the pot body whole to use the mold India applique decoration actually being handed down for generations to preserve down. Like "Gracefully Lives Eaves tile Pot", it uses in the mold India applique the dye printing technique, designs the good decorative design in a utensil first on the plank, then carves Cheng Aowen (cloudy grain), will plan the belt wet putty piece will turn round on the board, will carry on the stamping. Finally will have will protrude the decorative design in a utensil (positive grain) the putty piece, will splice takes shape. Contemporary purple sand master Wang Shigeng manufactures "Expensive Square-mouthed jar" on involvement grain, all uses this kind of technique manufacture.

Fourth, purple sand 珐 jade color

The powder 珐 jade color is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. Originally called "the unbaked porcelain picture 珐 jade", overseas calls "the wild rose color". For clear Kanghsi palace serving as a tool, when clear Kanghsi creates the fever. It uses the external raw material, Se chung many, the color control is accurate, the picture has the stereoscopic effect. Exquisite is fine, splendid, is one kind of glaze puts on stage make-up. The purple sand 珐 jade color decoration is quotes from the Jingdezhen unbaked porcelain decoration but comes. It in fires on the purple sand embryo does painting, writes a book, the re-entry stove bakes but becomes. The principal constituent is the borate and the silicate mixture, 珐 the jade foresees accurately in not opaque white Yi Rong, joins the right amount metal oxide compound pigment, namely becomes has the luster 珐 the jade color. The purple sand 珐 jade color decoration begins in the clear Kanghsi time, also Sheng Yuqing Kanghsi, Yong Zheng, the Qianlong time, the regulator feeds specially "in the courtyard Peru to play". When Kanghsi, by yellow, blue, is generally red, pea green, the dark reddish purple isochromatic does, with writes hollow-center strokes the law to imitate the copper embryo 珐 jade form description pattern. When Yong Zheng, with all colors technique union, are many on the embryo colored drawing on pottery. When Qianlong, imitates the Western oil painting to do painting, the picture character theme increases. The purple sand 珐 jade color decoration, pass through in this time, the multi- palaces use. Hands down the until now picture 珐 jade "Peony Square-mouthed jar", extant Taibei Palace Museum Tibet. This 珐 jade color work, the bottom inscription "the Kanghsi made by the emperor himself" the funds, the modelling is the square-mouthed jar, the semblance carcass of tire with the picture 珐 jade color peony flowers and plants grain decoration, resplendent in gold and jade green, appears splendidly magnificent and expensive, manufacture extremely elegant, 留有 the purple sand to be plain, the grave characteristic. Another section clear Kanghsi system "珐 Jade Color Four seasons Flowers and plants Grain Pot", appears on the market by the water chestnut floral formula pot body modelling, the pot body with yellow, green, white, flesh color isochromatic 绘有 the peony, the high mallow, the day lily, the chrysanthemum indicum and so on, the stroke exquisitely, line surface clear, the weddings and funerals alternate with, yellow green symmetrical, auxiliary color nature, view pleasant, succinct plentiful, the manufacture is elegant, uses high-quality goods of masterpiece the pot for the clear Kanghsi palace. Another section clear Kanghsi funds "珐 Jade Color Flowers and plants Grain Handles" presently hides the Taibei Palace Museum. This pot body drum abdomen, handles flies high the round frame, the pot body plays the part of by 珐 the jade colored drawing on pottery decadent peony folds a flower, the mouth of a jug plays the part of the buddhist image pattern, pot Niu spreads decadent unusual animals, the color and the decorative design in a utensil imitation copper embryo picture, is work early newly established time. Also makes the managing place file record according to the clear internal affairs government office: "In September... ... Hands over Yixing picture 珐 jade color bowl ten, Yixing picture 珐 jade tea circle four, the Yixing picture 珐 jade tea hangs, all Kanghsi year funds." "Qianlong three years... ... Hands over Yixing picture 珐 jade cloth wrapper type teapot, Yixing square picture 珐 jade teapot, Yixing picture 珐 jade hypericum type teapot." Regarding 珐 the jade color purple sand decoration, always some two kind of basic oppositions viewpoint view, one kind thought "splendid, 光彩照人", another kind thought "光彩照人, loses the original appearance actually".

Fifth, purple sand famille rose

The famille rose is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. Also called "the soft color", begins in Qing Dynasty Kanghsi, but comes by all colors development, by Yong Zheng time manufacture finest, therefore also has "the Yong Zheng famille rose" the name. After was in vogue namely has substituted for the Kanghsi all colors status, becomes mainstream which the glaze put on stage make-up. The method is on the embryo by the glass heroin powder scratch coat, the color material corona dyes does painting, again passes through the furnace fire to bake but becomes. The purple sand famille rose decorates many for the flowers and plants class chart decoration, the luster rich, the color gentle was elegantly simple, changed all colors single track smooth colored drawing on pottery method. Draws image expressive force, the shade alternates with, the masculine and feminine elements serves as contrast, pigment type many, the tone for is greatly richer than all colors. Clear at the beginning of Chinese Fengxiang "Chinese Square-mouthed jar" one of for purple sand famille rose decoration outstanding excellent works. "Chinese Square-mouthed jar" four jiao decorative carvings pleasant clouds grain, the imposing manner absorbs the human, vigorous is solemn and respectful. The pot body by 粉绿the ice grain primarily tone, draws the rubber ball pattern, in the pleasant cloud grain fills in the plum pattern, shoulder department decoration pleasant Tang Caowen, the light blue glaze does the minute to cut, strengthens the pot neck the makings. The whole body covers entirely the multicolored decorations, the dense splendid side, is elegant but does not lose ancient Italy, lasts the human to praise. The famille rose is popular in the clear Yong Zheng time. Delays until Daoguang, many kings kiss the aristocrat to have custom-made 茗壶 of in abundance purple sand famille rose decoration, this time has appeared many rooms, the hall, the porch number, the bell in 茗壶. Like raves however the room, the piece jade room, the wing room, spring Shui Tang, is clear and the hall, Sheng Hetang, the clear German hall, month porch and so on. Extant appears on the market "Famille rose Purple sand Big Pot", by the famille rose scenery flowers and plants, 亭台楼阁, thatched hut trees enters the pot, by pleasant decorative design in a utensil gap picture, pot epaulette by 竹枝 bamboo leaves, until screen, pursue decoration skillful Li tedious, savors marvelously is novel. Regarding the famille rose purple sand decoration, always has two kind of basic oppositions the viewpoint views. One kind thinks "richly colorful, splendid", another kind then thought "like the chinaware is ordinary, loses actually the purple sand original appearance".

Sixth, purple sand colored glaze

The purple sand colored glaze decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. Initiates in clear Kanghsi, the Yong Zheng time. Clear Yong Zheng south the Qianlong period purple sand skilled person king the forest, Yang Jiyuan, Yang Youlan, Shao Jizu, Shao Dexin and Shao Yuting and so on, all excels to manufacture colored glaze 茗壶. The Yixing purple sand colored glaze decoration is draws in the foundation in the traditional putty, absorbs the Jingdezhen famille rose technique to evolve but. It uses to glaze first in on the purple sand element embryo which fires, piles draws the grain type the first floor, then uses colored to outline, latter bakes with the low temperature. The colored glaze decoration has two ways roughly: One kind is the colored glaze piles draws, the content has flower-and-bird, the scenery, the character and the design calligraphy decorative design in a utensil and so on, the popular name "the double skin glaze". One kind is the utensil whole body pouring glaze, by □8< $.  Makes the skin, the favor like paste, the light may □a person make the mirror, the popular name "Shan Piyou". The double skin glaze is Yu Zhongxiao generally the upscale pot, Shan Piyou is Yu Dahu generally the low-grade pot. Inherits Yu Shi, presently hides the Nanjing museum "Green Glaze Melon 楞 Pot", the entire impressed light green glaze, called the full colored glaze, and makes the decorative design in a utensil colored drawing on pottery by the bottle green, is "the double skin glaze" the purple sand colored glaze decoration, some one kind of esthetic appeal. Extant Hong Kong tea set 文物馆 "a Blue Color printing Package of Pot", the pot shape for a traditional India package of design, pot body Man Tishi Lanyou the flowers and plants design, the pattern winding is unique, the decorative design in a utensil 跌宕起伏, the pattern all around uses the white glaze to outline, everywhere the flowers and plants, 饶有 the appeal. The mouth of a jug pot uses the grain decoration, is succinct bright, forms the sharp comparison with the pot Niu cloth wrapper knot. The blue glaze flowers and plants decorative design in a utensil and the India package of synthesis whole, just like the plumbago auriculata India pocket to bind. Is relevant to the subject, cuts the picture, cuts the pot, an integral whole body, is wonderful if the day becomes. Regarding the purple sand colored glaze decoration, always has two kind of basic oppositions the viewpoint views: One kind thought "fine incomparable, color eye-catching", another kind thought "although promoted the purple sand decoration effect, but covered up the purple sand unique material quality to be beautiful actually".

Seventh, the purple sand is suitable

The purple sand suitable decoration is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. The suitable even earthenware, is refers to the Yixing even mountain (Ding Shangu to call) area produces one kind of belt glazed pottery. Begins in the Northern Song Dynasty 宣和 year. Bright 万历年, the Yixing fever makes the suitable most upper dog for Ou Ziming, the world calls "the European kiln". The glaze color by the azure, sky blue, the fava beans is in the majority, has the grayish dark purple, also has the light greenish blue, sweet white two colors, but "has the blue corona by the ash in, colorful if the butterfly flies" the ash blue glaze color is most precious. Clear 雍正年间, the suitable even earthenware enters the imperial palace, becomes serves as a tool the utensil. Clear Yong Zheng, the Qianlong year, Yixing Ge Mingxiang, Brother Ge Yuanxiang two burn the suitable even earthenware which makes to become famous the Chinese and foreign, when called "Ge kiln", glaze color rich, the jun glaze is alone certainly, the blue corona luster has the progress compared to the European kiln (to see "Jiangsu Province Will Ceramic industry Will"). The Yixing purple sand suitable decorates, uses the Yixing local purple sand and the suitable two specific names ceramic craft, the union is harmonious, shines mutually, has composed the new historical chapter for the purple sand suitable two specific names ceramic. The purple sand suitable decorates the beginning to see in clear Yong Zheng, the Qianlong time, it fires the purple sand element embryo first by the high temperature, after applies glaze uses the low temperature to carry on again second time fires. The Shi Manyou purple sand suitable even household utensils, as a result of the embryo bone and the glazed surface, two expansion coefficients have the small difference, after the product fire meet micro reveal the netted crack, antique, has a distinctive style. Suitably applies glaze, sprinkles the glaze color richly, by the lead white glaze and the copper, the cobalt sends the color, the pattern flow change richly, is double hangs the glaze, beautiful is elegantly simple. The Qinghua Fengxiang system purple sand suitable decorates the pot "Chinese Side", represents work for this time tradition classics. This luster 晶莹剔透, the blue corona like jade, the grain type is eternally changing, like the goose feathers, resemble the floating snowflake piece by piece, the flow place revolve different, the static surface stained snow mark, the flower petal like fly like sprinkle, fine elegant, natural refined, 世间 is rare. Being handed down for generations "Qianlong Eight Square-mouthed jars", "Hold Pot" in addition, "圆壶", on purple sand embryo Man Shiyi jun glaze, light blue, ash blue, resembles the butterfly, like the snowflake, motley dripping, the flow is even, for is handed down for generations the purple sand suitable jun glaze decoration fine excellent work. The purple sand suitable decorates always appraises very high, is heavy take the valuable thing precious book as Tibet.

Eighth, the purple sand gold silver thread mounts

The purple sand gold silver thread mounts the decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. It profits from the padauk teak to mount the craft technique, utilizes in the purple sand decoration, the popular name purple sand money wrong craft. It is the layout mounts the design decorative design in a utensil on the purple sand carcass of tire, will need to inlay the design carving which the gold will inlay silver to draw Cheng Bingchou the gold silver thread track line, in the purple sand body after the high temperature exercise, only then will carry on mounts. Common purple sand teapot embryo thin, the hachure request very high, thick thin must with the golden silver thread thick thin consistent, mounts the golden silver thread thin thin is all soft, and the rich ductility, Cola thin extends. The common operator must on the one hand inlay on the other hand the silk to strike with the small iron hammer, light then inlays not appropriately, heavy then the pot is struck badly, therefore requests the entertainer to have the weight to be moderate, the technique stands up to the most rigorous test, the bold yet cautious, concentrates on completely, clever and deft, can cause the golden silver thread strict perfect fitting of seams which inserts, with meticulous care. In inlays in the silk process, must according to the line, the spot, the surface push in one by one the golden silver thread in the trough, the hammer hits docile, makes the partition according to 点线面 the need truncation. After inserts, the utensil surface reveals slightly not evenly, the golden silver thread outdoes 壶面, raised in the pot body, the trough line also has Man Yu to owe the division, must carry on polishes, smoothly causes the golden silver thread design to be smooth, does not have grips feel. The entertainer partially wrong wrong is first even the bulge with the iron, then closes a grave one by one with the granulated sugar, closes a grave when cannot damage the pot body surface, the expredd great surface presents the nature smooth shape, achieved fits together snugly or perfectly region. The golden silver thread chart plays the part of mounts Yu Huti, the cover for a jar and pot Niu generally partial, the prominent subject creativity, the design is succinct bright, the magnificent riches and honor, resplendent in gold and jade green. Qing Dynasty 中叶, the purple sand being handed down for generations center appearance bureau funds are "prolong the life", "the Peng year" with gracefully live engrave the inscription the golden silver thread to mount design 茗壶, only is the quantity are very few. Contemporary entertainer Bao Zhongmei "Peaceful Rhyme Was mad Pot", "Holds up Day Cloud Column Pot", "Auspicious Cloud Play Auspicious Pot" and so on, all around uses the cloud grain design the golden silver thread to mount passes through, resembles 流光溢彩. The gold thread silver piece good fortune becomes the masterpiece, has manifested the labor and the skill, the pot and the decoration association relations, also manifested has been simple and elegant and the riches and honor sublimation, from outline, sense of reality, tone constitution overall effect, 浑然天成, foundation solemn magnificent and expensive new atmosphere.

Ninth, the purple sand element inlays

The purple sand element will inlay the decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques, it is uses inlays primarily unifies inlays for the auxiliary technique craft, will need the material quality the content, the design, the expression mounts on 茗壶. It uses the material quality has the ceramic bead, the porcelain flower, the agate, Baiyu, the padauk teak, the metal, the Chinese littleleaf box, the ivory and so on. The clear intermediate stage is handed down for generations on 茗壶, has Zhu Shi? M, Yang the Peng year cooperation "Curb Pot" inlays the decoration form for the multi- tissues, on a pot, the pot body with the ceramic bead, the porcelain flower mounts, the mouth of a jug splices with the Chinese littleleaf box, the pot uses Baiyu to splice, the solemn riches and honor, 饶有 the appeal. The modern entertainer inherits the tradition, mostly also uses two kind of forms, one kind is inlays Yu Hushen, the cover for a jar and so on place, is took the decoration the constituent, another kind is inlays in the mouth of a jug, the pot, pot Niu and handles and so on place, takes the pot the appendix.

Tenth, the purple sand inlays the putty

The purple sand inlays the putty decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. So-called inlays the putty, namely uses the material quality is the purple sand pottery clay, distinguishes generally between the pot body true colors other color putties. It from the pot semifinished product with the burin or the steel needle, engraves the design which draws designs, in the design scoop channel, inlays fires the temperature with the pot semifinished product same, the contraction proportion is close, the putty disposition fusion putty color different putty, composes each kind of design or the calligraphy, then with takes shape the tool to repair and maintain the processing, causes it clothing to paste, tallies completely. The common grain type includes: The ice crack, opens the piece grain, the flower petal grain and so on, the design has the scenery, flower-and-bird, the character and so on. The common theme has "All Men Are Brothers", "four big beautiful women", "the Chinese zodiac", "hundred lucks hundred long-lived", "the riches and honor propitious", "the play life" and so on, saw generally the purple sand inlays the putty decoration, either uses the purple ink paste for the true colors embryo earth, red, yellow, blue, green, black for inlays the dewy color, either uses the red mud for the true colors embryo earth, purple, blue, is blue, yellow, green for inlays the dewy color. The ingenious idea, by the subject design creativity, 茗壶 the modelling with inlays the putty decoration subject consistently, complements one another, decides profoundly, the cultural breath is thick. The purple sand inlays the putty decoration method to be diverse, various formats, already mounted the craft with purple sand other to unify the use, take inlaid the putty as the main body design, used the gold thread silver thread to outline the design frame in addition, with the metal, Baiyu, the ivory, the padauk teak, the treasure shell, the agate, the porcelain flower, the diamond, the glaze bead and so on did attaches the decoration, true to life, received the people to pursue holds.

11th, the purple sand traces a design in gold

The purple sand traces a design in gold the decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. So-called traces a design in gold, is originally uses in the lacquerware the most common method, in 髹 the paint surface, describes generally with the golden color. The purple sand model transplants this method, Jin Cai which grinds by the real gold plasters directly on 茗壶 the carcass of tire in beforehand designs in the layout good design. It utilizes the many kinds of techniques, Canada draws the golden color, melts the poem, the book, the picture, the inscription is a body, the technique adept, 画意 fresh and elegant elegant, with pen vigorous smooth, drawing precise neat, 诗画 matches, appears gravely is elegant. The clear Qianlong time purple sand traces a design in gold decoration being handed down for generations "Three Feet To trace a design in gold □D Book Pot" (the Tibet Beijing Palace Museum), "Traces a design in gold Scenery Eight Diagrams Pot" (Tibet Tianjin art museum), "Traces a design in gold Mountain Watermark Square-mouthed jar", "Traces a design in gold Mountain Watermark To hold Pot" (the Tibet Beijing Palace Museum) and so on is the purple sand traces a design in gold the decoration to be handed down for generations the valuable thing. Its not only modelling unique, decoration splendid magnificent and expensive, tower 亭阁 clear, scenery trees attractive, moreover also during description scenery pattern, traces a design in gold □the D book, bureau the funds decorative design in a utensil is exquisitest peerlessly, is Qianlong time work traditional classics. The modern entertainer in employs the real gold, grinds Jin Cai at the same time, but also employs Jin You, the liquid gold, Jin Cai, the diamond dust which the pigment assembles and fits together, uses in the purple sand tracing a design in gold the decoration, its effect 大不如前.

12th, the purple sand twists the putty

The purple sand twists the putty decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. The purple sand twists the putty, also called "twists the embryo", is with two kinds of or two kind of above different lusters putty materials twists with, forms skin texture effect design which the entertainer requests, then hits the putty piece, pats the body tube or inlays the body tube to take shape. Twists the putty technique, the Tang Dynasty had the suitable standard. This kind of technique, possibly is but comes from the hook on a waistband or girdle technique transplant. Shaanxi unearthed being handed down for generations: The Tang Dynasty twists the putty warrior to ride a horse the ceramic commission, twists the putty with the white brown two colors to make, is extremely fine, twists the putty earthenware representative works for the Tang Dynasty. The purple sand twists the putty, appears approximately in the Ming Dynasty later period, the Nanjing museum now as before preserves purple sand to twist embryo being handed down for generations. Another clear intermediate stage being handed down for generations purple sand "Wood grain Adds Color Purple sand Covered teacup" presently to hide the Changzhou cultural relic store (to see "the Yixing Purple sand" Liang Baiquan to arrange). This twists the natural texture with the yellow black two colors, similar wood grain, again colored drawing on pottery decorative design in a utensil. The grain type is clear, assumes the natural skin texture effect. The modern purple sand twists the putty to develop evolves one kind to be in sole possession of the technique the purple sand decoration. It begins by the entertainer itself creativity, in view of the different creativity subject, implements the different technique method. According to design request which prearranges, makes into the different putty color clod the putty piece, uses the upholstery law, the insulation law, the level folds the law, rubs legitimately, mounts the law, inlays the connection, holds back the law, the level folds the plate to build law and so on technique, either makes the decoration on the pot body, either decorates in the pot appendix, either the entire pot makes the decoration, either makes the decoration in the pot part. Because the semifinished product putty twists with the technique is different, forms the pattern includes: Texture of wood grain, water ripple, class cloud grain, feathers grain, ritual pattern and yuhua stone grain and so on. The entertainer uses each kind of grain type to perform to combine repairs and maintains, then has formed the unpredictable many kinds of charts decoration, 有山有水, has the cloud to have the rain, to feel emotion intends, advantageously to have the festival, assumes interest of the nature, teases to like. Contemporary entertainer Lu: Yao Chen "Horizon Teapot", the performance poetry ideal condition, by is abstract enjoyably twists the putty decoration, by associates for the human, entrusts with a work deeper connotation. "Yuping Does great things", "China after Teapot", "Imperial seal Tea set", "Reaches the clouds", "Ocean waves", "the Young Shi Cold spring", "Sea Tao" and so on in putty material processing and the different putty material union aspect, forms the color decorative design in a utensil. The subject creativity unceasing deepening, strengthened the modelling form esthetic sense, has the strong cultural breath. Contemporary entertainer Wu Peilin tried to find out unceasingly, creates "Eyeground World Pot" uses twists the putty to mount the law, plays the part of the livelihood design in pro and con 壶面, the livelihood vicissitude in the rosy cloud, deducts the humanity existing space, assumes the color purple, purple red, the ash, the clear ash, yellow and so on five kind of lusters, the eyeground world, in the pot the livelihood, the cloud elegant, the nepheline is blurred, for human by universe world deep great feeling.

13th, purple sand Lou Diao

Purple sand Lou carves the decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. The so-called Lou vulture, it uses is one kind "Lou" the technique, this figure of shape hollows out meaning. Lou, carves, inseparable, is named for hollows out, the essence which, Lou Diao is connected is one kind of Lou vulture. The purple sand Lou vulture, has double-decked and difference the single-layer. It on double-decked or single-layer body, designs first plans the design which the good entertainer needs, reasonable layout, regardless of the character, the scenery, the calligraphy, the poetry content, all can achieve the ideal effect according to entertainer's design request. It uses the special-purpose tool, carves grain type or calligraphy style which hollows out, causes it to highlight, level rich, the picture has the stereoscopic effect, the subject prominently, exquisite is attractive. The purple sand Lou vulture, began in the end of the Ming dynasty to be clear at the beginning of, was popular in clear Kanghsi, Yong Zheng, the Qianlong time. Being handed down for generations "Exquisite Eight Bamboos Pot" is clear at the beginning of time purple sand Lou carves the high-quality goods, presently hides in Hong Kong tea set 文物馆. Its contour by eight bamboos sections balanced distribution, Lou carves the decoration mainly is eight bamboos sections bulge partial, decoration content for layer upon layer densely covered 竹枝 bamboo leaves, level clear, 竹枝 the bamboo node shape posture is various, exquisitely carved, stereoscopic effect. The cover for a jar eight bamboos sections central committee is a thick bamboo, also Lou carves 竹枝 the bamboo leaves, corresponds with the pot body. Purple sand Lou Diaohu the body, by double-decked is composed, the endophragm saves the tea, the outer wall hollows out, novel unique, marvelous lifelike, exquisite vivid, the technique is exquisite, also carves one of decoration high quality goods for purple sand Lou.

14th, the purple sand carves the paint

The purple sand carves the paint decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. Was popular is clear in the end of the Ming dynasty at the beginning of. The so-called vulture paint, mainly is take the purple sand as an embryo, one layer upon layer piles with the red lacquer on, few then eight, 90, are many then reaches, 200, treats when the subarid traces the rough sketch, again uses the knife to pick out engraves. The pattern hides, the riches and honor are gorgeous, quite has the grave feeling. This law also is called as "the carved lacquerware", also famous "the red vulture paint", "carves the red lacquer". Wu Meiding "Positive Envy 茗壶 Bestows on": "The small-mouthed wine vessel number handles, bestows on in carving the paint." Discussed dissolves "Pot To be elegant": "Once saw a pot, from the unpainted clay idol, outside made the bright red vulture paint, in the style of antiquity ewer with loop handle, the cloud thunder grain, was extremely fine." Cai Han? □"Mou Xuanbian Is trivial" also has the same record. Being handed down for generations bright when is greatly refined "Carves Paint Four directions To hold Pot", presently hides the Beijing Palace Museum. Pot body square shape, round mouth, link, enforced meander. The abdomen, the class, are the square shape, the opercule is a circular. The entire pot pot body, the mouth, Niu, the mouth, cover uses the bright red paint decorative carving, only base for 髹 black japan. The Zhu red lacquer level three millimeters, four sides leave blank approximately, in picks out engraves the character, the scenery, the trees, the flowers and plants multilayer grain type, paints the nature outstanding, calibration line close, transported the knife just very powerfully, bright and clean Run thin, engraved the labor fine, the nature was exquisite. Unfolds Ming Shen The palace carves the paint craft splendid magnificent and expensive characteristic, at the same time also demonstrated the purple sand carves the paint decoration craft the smooth graceful style. Under the pot base paint level inscribes "when the greatly refined system" four characters kaishu funds, carve the paint valuable thing for the purple sand. The purple sand carves paint passing on, the history leaves behind rarely, because it requires a lot of work time-consuming, already did not produce.

15th, purple sand 髹 paint colored drawing on pottery

The purple sand 髹 paint colored drawing on pottery decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. Was popular is clear in the end of the Ming dynasty at the beginning of. The so-called 髹 paint colored drawing on pottery, mainly is on the element embryo purple sand 髹 by the red lacquer or the black japan, then performs the colored drawing on pottery again. Wu Meiding "Positive Envy 茗壶 Bestows on" records: "Or is blue firmly in the bone, spreads 髹 the juice third contact." The being handed down for generations Qing Dynasty "Melon Shape Pot" presently hides Hong Kong tea set 文物馆. The pot take the melon shape as the pot, the pot class, Niu, by the base of a muskmelon, the melon muscle, a melon stem plays the part of separately it. The pot and the pot body, to the class, Niu, 髹 the Zhu red lacquer, on draws brown, purple, the golden color peony □round tobacco weary □overall line rhyme smooth, spreads the color magnificently, brilliant, the design exquisite, fine is exquisite, for purple sand 髹 paint colored drawing on pottery decoration classical excellent work. In the purple sand 髹 paint colored drawing on pottery history leaves behind rarely, because it requires a lot of work time-consuming, already did not produce.

16th, purple sand mother-of-pearl

The purple sand mother-of-pearl decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. Was popular is clear in the end of the Ming dynasty at the beginning of. The mother-of-pearl popular name "the mother-of-pearl", "the mother", "the pasture inlays", "falls the freshwater mussel". Is on the purple sand embryo 髹 by the black japan, then spells on the black japan and the white mother-of-pearl sticks, stopping mother-of-pearl. The white mother-of-pearl is a shred which grinds to with the freshwater mussel shell, it saws Cheng Gezhong according to the design pattern the physique, after inlays sticks 填进 the pot paint embryo, forms the sharp comparison with the black japan, 黑白分明, simple but is simple and beautiful. Clear Cai Han? □"Mou Xuanbian Is trivial" said that, "By the granulated substance pot system embryo, outside inlays the mother-of-pearl, is rarely found in the world the treasure. The professional female entertainer person moonlight youth, once held 宠姬 place in Chen Zhao Chang Jan to see a square-mouthed jar, in the purple sand embryo, the bottom bell ' called the far ' India, □D book relief inscription. Outside the black japan inlays the mother-of-pearl, flows with does both sides folds a flower, the distributed mother-of-pearl, color of the deep blue light red, makes the floral leaf, very ingenious conception. About both sides inlay the character, resembles is "Jade hairpin Records Steals Poem 茶宴" two stories. Several documents screens valance, the library rare curio, also divides chooses the spiral color to match. The cover for a jar makes the Chinese side mirror pattern, especially is classically elegant. Engraves ' wonderful bright hut ' on the small □D three characters, beautiful is lovable, the bottom bell ' the river great distance makes ' small thin Jin Shuyin. When has custom-made for the great distance idea, asks Chen Mingyuan to make the pot." The river great distance clear initially mounted name of labor the mother-of-pearl for the end of the Ming dynasty. By Chen Mingyuan the system pot, the river great distance mother-of-pearl, considers the purple sand mother-of-pearl pot center work valuable thing. River great distance application considering "a spiral" the technique, is with the green snail and so on is the raw material, the spiral piece thin like cicada wing, because its needed materials must be thinner than the general mother-of-pearl, moreover is soft, therefore called "the thin mother-of-pearl" or "the soft mother-of-pearl", the spiral piece assumes the natural all colors flash, so-called wonderful workmanship.

17th, purple sand granulated substance

The purple sand granulated substance decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. The so-called spot granulated substance, it acts according to the request which the entertainer designs, embellishes Yu Huti or the pot body part on the pot embryo by the sand-fired pot embryo true colors silt pellet either his color silt pellet. The granulated substance decoration serves the need generally which decides in the subject, either assumes the serissa fetida shape, either assumes the snow efflorescently, either assumes the cassiabarktree efflorescently, either assumes the grain type shape, either becomes "the ocean waves" in the entertainer composition design decorative design in a utensil center point granulated substance, "the very rough seas washes the granulated substance", "a starry sky" and so on the design. It begins in the Ming Dynasty, is according to "the shop granulated substance law", "adjusts the granulated substance law", "mixes the granulated substance law" and so on the development evolves but. It from the initial period with the cylinder granulated substance, 生砂, the ripe granulated substance transforms gradually into the pure purple sand silt pellet. In the method also from the putty piece and the granulated substance, mixes the granulated substance, layer upon layer separates the granulated substance, inside and outside Man Sha, the superficial shop granulated substance to the pure sand-fired pot table granulated substance decoration, strengthened and deepened the theme. "Shots faintly, from is more eye-catching". A purple sand granulated substance is takes shape after the pot body basically completes only then starts to carry on, compared to takes shape in the pot body has not started namely to adjust the granulated substance in the putty piece, to mix the granulated substance or the putty piece surface shop granulated substance, the technological requirement is higher. It must achieve a granulated substance requests effect, craft more complex, is more exquisite. It must pay attention chooses the putty color friendly to match, must pay attention chooses the argillaceous pellet thick thin, must mount in pot semifinished product surface the silt, repairs and maintains with the tool, completely smooth is consistent with the pot table embryo earth, then will choose the purple sand pellet which will play the part of with a tool spot to get so far as again clearly, will cause it by the putty color, the silt original appearance to present completely in the content which will have to express. It presents spot Venus, sparkles the silver star, resembles the blue sky group star to sparkle, resembles in the big ocean waves to wash the granulated substance, rich but also is thought-provoking.

18th, purple sand tinning, package money copper

The purple sand tinning decoration, the fee, the guarantee of wages, the package copper decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. Tinning craft, popular name "granulated substance embryo tinning". Clear intermediate stage Zhu is firm (stone plum) to be skilled in this technique. The common form has pot body entire Bao Huohu the body tinning, the mouth inlays the gold, inlays the jade, inlays the padauk teak and so on. The fee, the guarantee of wages, the package copper craft, is slightly late in the tinning craft. Is moves towards the purple sand decoration in the tinning craft which the decline later only then will emerge. The people believed generally, tinning craft although fine, the tin table also carves the inscription calligraphy and painting decoration, but the household utensils are unwieldy, and harms the material quality which the purple sand is in sole possession of, therefore gradually 弃而不用 in the clear Guangxu Dynasty, substitutes then is the fee, the guarantee of wages, the package copper decoration craft. It experiences a section from tediously to move towards the succinct historical process. From the pot body entire package, Lou empties to the partial package (Bao Zui, Bao Ba, Bao Kouxian, package agent, Bao Kouyan sideline spot) and so on. Purple sand tinning decoration being handed down for generations spreads very many, purple sand fee, guarantee of wages, package copper decoration being handed down for generations more, form richer, technique diverse, the craft characteristic is bright, until now still received the hobby welcome.

19th, purple sand pink color

The purple sand pink color decoration, is one of purple sand tradition decoration techniques. The so-called pink color, is uses the difference and the pot body true colors embryo earth puts on make-up the earth to perform in the pot surface to plaster, this method begins in the Qing Dynasty. It originally is after the pot embryo table bread flour a layer upon layer color putty decoration, uses in engraving the stratified design decoration. The powder thick, the ceramic engraves the design calligraphy more to assume the stereoscopic effect. Is mature and the entertainers along with the craft innovates the design need, the purple sand pink color decoration presents the multiplex technique and the multi- changes form. One kind is hollows out Cheng Gezhong with the paraffined paper the design to paste on the body on the powder each kind of color putty, also may the color printing, after treat does, repairs and maintains brightly and cleanly with the bright needle, takes down carves the paraffined paper, on the body namely leaves behind the clear design. Another kind is with the same method, spurts the color with the mud tool, spurts the color to have thickly has pale, has shallowly has the depth, the putty discoloration richly, compared to plasters has the change, the design effect eye-catching is also conspicuous. The modern entertainer according to the subject creativity need, the pink color with spurts the appearance union use, also unifies other dead drunks to draw the technique, models carves technique and so on, causes the purple sand pink color decoration effect to be better.

The purple sand decoration craft technique form subdivides also has very much, first lists above 19 kinds on the whole. These 19 kind of decorations from the certain degree said summarized the purple sand decoration craft outset, the course, the evolution, the evolution, the development and the innovation. Purple sand decoration craft some forms but declined, the elimination along with the time development, also some forms but more and more receive people's affection along with the time development but to carry forward. As the outstanding purple sand traditional process, should inherit then inherits, should develop then develops, this innovation then innovates, this development then develops, this is the purple sand craft technique tends to perfect and the mature symbol day by day, this also is the purple sand entertainer's responsibility and should the do duty. Along with the craft technique progress, the scientific development, purple sand decoration art will certainly further to deepen, weeds through the old to bring forth the new, to present a school of colorful brand-new aspect.