The Pictures of the Tea Cup and Gai Wan(Purple clay with Glaze:

Yixing clay tea cups: F2033-F2037   F2038-F2040   F2041   F2042-F2046

Yixing Clay Gaiwan:160cc:2042-F2046

Yixing clay big tea cups:180cc:F1111-F1116

Kuai Ke cups:F2048-F2053   F2054-FF2063  F2064    F2065    F2066

Porcelain Gai Wan:F2067-F2078         F2083-F2085(160cc)

F2086-F2089(150cc)          F2096-F2103(190cc)

F2104 - F2105(350cc)    F2106-F2116(250cc)   F2117-F2119(White,250,200,170cc)

White Porcelain cups:  F2120-F2129     F2130-F2136    F2137-F2142

Porcelain high cups:F2143-F2152    F2159-F2172     F2173-F2188

Ice stripe glaze pot.gaiwan,cup,canister:F2189-F2227

Hollow out porcelain tea items:F2228-F2243     F2244-F2246

High Grade exquisite hollow out jade white porcelain pot set: F2247,F2248

High Grade exquisite hollow out jade white porcelain pot,gaiwan,cup:F2249-F2251

Big white porcelain teapots:700cc-1000cc:F2261-F2268

Double Layer porcelain high cup:100cc:F2272-F2281

yixing clay high cups and triangle cups:F2282-F2286

Famous China Ru Yao Cup:F2287-F2303    F2304-F2307 

Famous China RuYao Gaiwan:F2308-F2309

Famous China Ru Yao Teapots:F2310-F2317

Famous China Ru Yao Pot set:F2318-F2320

Celadon fish cups:F2321-F2333    Celadon fish gawai(200cc):F2340-F2341

Porcelain high cup:180cc: F2415-F2426   F2427-F2433  F2434-F2445   F2446-F2455

Big porcelain gaiwan: 250cc:F2456-F2467     F2468-F2473

The bigest porcelain gaiwan:350cc:F2474-F2475

High quality porcelain thin cups:F2476-F2490

Yixing clay gaiwans, high cups:F2491-F2506

Yixing clay small sups sets(Include long plate:F2512

White porcelain carving flower gaiwan:220cc:F2513

Yixing tea cups,high cups: F2514-F2526

Yixing melon cups:F2639-F2643    Yixing clay cups:F2644-F2674

Yixing clay tea cups:F2675-F2692     Yixing clay cups: F2693-F2706

Famous Yixing Jun Glaze tea cups F2711-F2728   F2729-F2749   F2750-F2761

Yixing clay tea cups:F2762-F2779

Porcelain fair cups: F2884-F2891      F2892-F2895

White Jade tea cup:F2896     Copy bamboo tea cup:F3136-F3141

Yixing clay big gaiwan:300cc:F3266 

Clay drawing Gaiwan:180cc:F3267-F3270

Small Porcelain tea pots:220cc:F3271-F3284

White porcelain Gaiwan and tea cup:F3341-F3350        F3351-F3356



F249-F256,F271-F279,F283,F286,F287-1 - F287-4,F415-F416,F428,F442,F541-F542,F576,F581,F598-F603,F607,F608,F757-F759,F769,F881-F886    

F627-F670          F917-F922    F929-F940,F1045,F1046,F1047  

 F1089-F1096   Yixing clay big tea cups:180cc:F1111-F1116  

 F1440-F1445   F2023-F2025(Milk cup)

F2026-F2028(Milk cup)   


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