Conversation Summary concerning eight episodes of CCTV play ¡°China Purple Sand¡±

Time   £ºin the morning of July 30, 2004
£ºsecond floor reception room at Yixing Fangyuan Purple Sand Arts and Crafts Com.Ltd
£ºTV play,s content and structure talk conversation about eight episodes of ¡°China Purple Sand¡±.
people participated
Fangyuan Purple Sand Company£­Wang Junhua, Xu Jianrong, Bao Zhiqiang, Zhai Xiulin, Shi Jianming
Zhu Film Factory
£ºDirector£¬Photographer£¬Arts Governor and etc
Purple Sand Factory No.2
£ºYang Qinfang
Changlehong Company
£ºXu Xiutang £¨China Arts and Crafts Master£©
Hongcheng Company£ºLi Changhong £¨China Ceramic Crafts Master£©
China Arts and Crafts Master£ºJiangrong, Wang Yinxian, L¨· Yaochen, Xu Hantang, Tan Quanhai
China Ceramic Crafts Master
£ºHe Daohong
Jiangsu Province Arts and Crafts Master
£ºGu Shaopei
Purple Sand Arts Committee
£ºWu Zhen, Wu Ming, Shi Shunhua, Chen Hui
Yixing TV Station
Jiangnan Evening Press
£ºHe Xiaobing
Mr. Shun Dingpu
Chief Speaker
£ºXu Feng£¨Chairman of Yixing Writer Society, also screenwriter of eight episodes ¡°China Purple Sand¡±£©.
First episode
£ºtea and pottery ancestor
Begin with the story of riches and honor earth, then transfer it to purple sand story, type and characteristic of earth, in the meantime, introduce Yixing
£­its landscape, humanism, and its tea ceramic luck talking about the relationship between Tanggong Tea and historical notables¡£
Second episode£ºliterati heart and pot rhyme
Talking about Jinsha Temple monk, Gongchun, participation by literati, Mansheng and its pots, sand pot inscription.
Third episode
£ºextremely distinguished
Introduce historically well-known works¡ªDabin and Dabin pots, and the category of celebrity,s pots during the Republic of China¡ªveins and lines vessel, bare and plain one, decorated one, and shape-like pots.
Fourth episode
£ºthere exists intimate within pot.
Talking about playing, collecting and appreciating pots, pot fans, purple sand pots and tea ceremony, purple sand in Taiwan and abroad.
Fifth episode
£ºpurple rhyme grace interest
Display changeable and beautiful decoration art and other color painting such as inlay, twisting earth, earth painting, paint in gold, etc.
Reflecta other products within purple sand category, such as pot, bottle, tripod, shape-like, sculpture, ceramic art, hanging accessories, mixture articles.
Sixth episode
£ºa generation elite
Introduce seven great craftsmen, national master, ceramic master and their works in the fifties.
Seventh episode
£ºhundreds elite compete for spring
Introduce some works from provincial master, provincial notables, senior master
£¨should select some school disciple£©.
Eighth episode
£ºpurple wave new tide
Introduction about the exploration of new technology, purple sand museum in building, and purple sand street, purple sand culture, universe within pot in development¡ªemphasizing the influence of purple sand activity at home and abroad.
Arrangement in first episode
1. beautiful scenery and local condition and custom at Yixing
2. Myths and legends concerning riches and honor earth can be verified authoritatively.
£¨To further explain purple sand ceramic earth is unique in the world, invite geologists to introduce Yixing,s geological feature.£©
3. category of raw material
4. purple sand molding process
£¨best reflect more molding method and others, such as the item of pot and tripod£©.
5. from Yixing,s mountain and water, tea, and teapot to water , tea and pot as tribute
6. Su Dongpo and purple sand teapot
£º¡°tea from Yangxian, water from Jinsha Temple Spring, pot from purple sand teapot¡±.
7. tea ceremony at old tea-shop
£ºlife enjoyment between literati and ordinary people.
8. purple sand vessel and workshop are full of eyes at all the streets and squares of Yixing City.
Some opinions during the conversation should be paid much attention, especially one from two master Xu Xi¨´tang and Li Changhong
1 The arrangement about Su Dongpo and purple sand pot mirror, should reflect historical authenticity. The filming of Su Dongpo , purple sand teapot and jar should make some modification.
2 It is necessary to begin to introduce tea set and purple sand pot when infusing tea in Ming Dynasty.
3 Show the inheritance of purple sand crafts.
4 Display life-like crafts of literati group and Court group.
5 Require to emphatically introduce the information of Mr. Luo Guixiang¡ªan industrialist and a collector in Hongkong, who made great contribution to the development of purple sand.
£¨Mr. Luo passed away in 1995£©.
6 Participation of crafts college has influence on purple sand.
Chairman of Fangyuan Purple Sand Crafts Com.,Ltd Wang Junhua
£ºwith scientific attitude, conscientiously keep future direction for purple sand development and regard it as responsibility to exhibit authenticate purple sand history.