Casting Iron Tea pots:

(PS:The Minimum order 10 pcs cast rion pots or pot sets)

PS:"L" is liter. 1L=32.2 ounce

All of the cast iron tea pot is enameled in the pots and cups.

0.38L(380cc):  0.38L-1,0.38L-2

0.5L(500cc): X05L-1   X05L-2,X05L-3

0.6L(600cc):  X06L-1 to X06L-5

0.7L(700cc):  X07L-1,X07L-2   X07L-3

0.8L(800cc):  X08L-1 to X08L-4X08L-5 to X08L-7   X08L8 to X08L-12  X08L-13   X08L-14

0.9L(900cc):  X09L-1 to X09L-5

1.0L(1000cc): X1L-1 to X1L-4   X1L-5 to X1L-6   X1L-7 to X1L-10

1.2L(1200cc): X12L-1 to X12L-4   X12L-5 to X12L-10   X12L-11   X12L-12  X12L-13 

1.4L(1400cc)  X14L-1,X14L-2   X14L-3

1.8L(1800cc): X18-1

Other New high grade cast iron pots:

XA1   XA2  XA3  XA4  XA5  XA6  XA7

XA8   XA9   XA10   XA11   XA12   XA13   XA14   XA15

XA17   XA18   XA19   XA20

Casting Iron tea cup:Xcup-1 to Xcup-8

PS:Xcup-1 to Xcup-6 are one cup only,Xcup-7,Xcup8 are cup add plate.

The colour of the cup may be same with the pot you order.

The gift box for pot set    Trivet for tea pot     Cast iron stove

High stove

How to use cast rion tea pots

The price list will be sent you if you are interested in our casting iron tea pots.