The introduction about our antique Yixing Zisha tea pot

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Yixing Zisha Tea Pot is very costful and valuable due to their unique material character and rich Chinese culture connotation,For example,The Tea Pot (Call "Qu pot")by Mrs Wang Yian Xian made was sale to USD75,000 in Tai Wan last year.

Antique Yixing Zisha Tea Pot is more costful and valuable than now Yixing tea pot due to their little source.commonly , the price of one antique Yixing tea pot that made by popularly ancient craftsmans is USD6,000- USD12,000,the price of the famous ancient craftsmans's pot will be more high or have not price,and they had became the national treasure and ware collected in the museums of China,USA,UK, Netherlands.

Yixing teapots are made in Yixing town,where is situated in extreme south of Jiangsu Province China,Yixing tea pots have a long history that dates back to the Song Dynasty(960-1279),and flourishing in the Ming and Qing Dynasty(1573-1911).

Yixing tea pot long been know in world for their simple beauty and unique tea brewing qualities,and are praised by tea aficionados as the best tea vessels available.

In this century,the Yixing tea pots have won gold medals as such international assemblies as the 1926 Philadelphia Sesquicentennial Celebration and the International Expositions in Leipzig and Liege in the 1930s

We collected these antique Yixing tea pot for many years,some of them belong Qing Dynasty late,some of them belong the date of The Pepublic of China(1911-1949),

some of them belong the early days of P.R .China,some of them belong the period

of the Great Culture Revolution(1966-1976).

One of the most ditinctive feature of the Yixing tea pot is its Chop Mark,As early as 16th century the artisans marked their pots with clearly inscribed characters,later,stamped them with her personal chop mark or seals bearing their name on each piece.

Through the scan pictures to true pot,you may clearly see there are mader's chop mark or seals on the bottom of each tea pot(or lid).

The most of them on the good protected condition level,

Please contact us for further detail if you have interesting to them.