The Price of The tea accessories:

Please see "Detail " for a full price

F399-1--F399-8: Silk Brocade pot pack: $1.20.

F493:Porcelain tea filtrater stand:$0.85

F494:porcelain tea filtrater:$0.85

F495:White porcelain tea filtrater:$0.85

F496:White porcelain hand shape filtrater stand:$0.85

F497:stainless steel tea filtrater stand:$0.10

F498:Plastic tea filtrater stand:$0.10

F499:Plastic tea filtrater:$0.20

F500:Stainless steel tea filtrater:$0.30

F501,F502: Porcelain tea show ware:$1.50

F503: Stainless Steel Tea spoon:$0.35

F504:Wash tea pot brush:$0.30

F505:Stainless steel tea Forceps :$0.12

F506:Bamboo tea forceps:$0.04.

F507:Wood Pot stand:$0.25

F508:circumgyrate wash pot stand:$0.95

F509:Plastic wash pot stand:$0.40

F510:Plastic wash cup stand:$0.35

F511:Bamboo long cup plate:$0.40

F512:Bamboo cup plate:$0.80

F513,F514,F515:Wood tea tool:$5.00

(PS:1 tea spoon,1 tea tweezer,1 tea needle,1 wood tea pad.)

F516,F517,F518,F519:high quality tea tool:$8.50

(PS:1 tea spoon,1 tea tweezer,1 tea needle,1 wood tea pad.)

F520:Porcelain wash cup plate:$3.50

F521: Glass wash cup plate:$1.50

F522,F523:Purple clay wash cup plate:$4.00

F535,F536:Special tea towel:$0.70

F546:root carving pot stand:$5.00

F547:double pots root carving stand:$4.50

F548:root carving pot stand:$4.50

F549:Three pot special quality red wood stand:$7.50.

F550.F551,F552: Root carving pot stand:$1.80

F618;F619;F620:Yang pot boat:$2.00

F738,F739,F740:Yang Pot boat$2.20

F716-F720:Double colour bamboo tea tool:$4.00

F752-F756:Stainless steel tea pot:$14.00

F762-F769:Big tea pot plate:$2.80

F772:Stainless steel tea kettle:$6.00

F773:Stainless steel tea kettle:$6.50

F774:big Stainless steel tea kettle:$8.00

F802:Bamboo tea looker:$3.90

F835-F839:Silk pot bag:$1.50

F840:calabash tea filtrate :$1.20

F841,F842:stainless steel electric kettle(110v,220v):$17.50

F857,F858,F859:Porcelain tea filtrater:$2.00 

F860-F863:white Porcelain tea filtrater's stand:$0.9each

F864-F867:Pot's  cushion :$0.5 each

F868:Bamboo pot cushion(6 pcs):$3.40

F879,F880:Clay tea filtrater:$0.90

F905:two pots stand:$5.00

F906:Three pots stand:$7.50

F907:Tea cup wash pot:$10.00

F908:Tea cup wash pot:$6.00

F1014-F1019:Cotton hot-resistent mat:$0.60

F1020-F1021:PVC hot-resistent mat:$2.60 each bag(12 pcs)

F1022:PVC hot-resistent mat:$0.6 each bag(4 pcs)

F1023:Bamboo hot-resistent mat:$0.3

F1062,F1063,F1064:Porcelain tea filtrer:$5.60

F1065,F1066,F1067:Bamboo tea tool:$9.50

F1117:Electzamagnetism stove:$65.00


F1174: $2.50

F1239-F1242:Bamboo Cha Dao tool:$6.00

F1288:Electric tea kettle:$15.00

F1289:Electric tea kettle:$12.00

F1290,F1291:Electric tea kettle:$15.00

F1292:Electric tea kettle:$33.00(autocontrol )

F1293,Electric tea kettle:$28.00

F1294:Electric tea kettle:$33.00(autocontrol )

F1295:Electionagnetism disinfect stove:$60.00

F1296-F1297:Electionagnetism disinfect stove:$46.00

F1298:Tea Towel:$1.50

F1299:Tea Towel:$0.50

F1300-F1302 tea towel:$2.50;

F1344-F1346:Clay tea filter:$1.50

F1347-F1350:Clay tea filter:$3.20

F1351-F1356:Clay tea filter:$2.60

F1357,F1358:Bamboo root tea tool:$9.50

F1359,F1360:Bamboo root tea tool:$10.00

F1361:Glass tea filter:$3.00

F1455-F1461:Wash Tea pot:$4.50

F2508:Black ebony cup plate:$4.80

F2509:Bamboo cup plate:$1.00

F2510:Bamboo pot plate:$1.60

F2511:Zisha clay long cup plate:$0.90

f08:special tea towel:$0.70/pc

f21:tea stove$2.80/pc

f22:high grade tea stove(made in tai wan)include one glass tea pot :$20.00/pc.

f97:zisha wash cup plate:$3.00/pc

f98:zisha glaze plate:$0.60/pc

f99:zisha glaze plate:$0.50/pc

f100:big zisha plate:$3.00/pc.

109:electricity tea stove with one stainless steel big tea pot:$20.00/set.

f110,f111:special teapot,$1.90/pc.

f128:high grade wood stand of tea pot:$3.80/pc.

f129:high grade wood stand of tea pot:$3.20/pc.

f130:wooden stand of tea pot:$3.00/pc.

f131:wooden stand of teapot:$2.00/pc.

f132:wooden stand of pot:$1.30/pc.

f135,f136:the bowl of wash cup:$3.50/pc,

f137:the bowl of wash cup:$3.00/pc.

f138,f139:inlay shell carving rosewood tea tool:$8.00/set.

f140,f141:inlay shell carving rosewood tea tool:$$8.00/set.

f142:wooden tea tool:$10.00/set.

F193-F195:Purple clay tea pot stand: $1.80/pc.

F196,F197:Purple clay tea pot stand:$2.40

F395,F396:Bamboo tea tool:$5.50

F399.1-F399.9: Silk Brocade pot pack: $1.20

F949,F950:Clay pot stand:2.20