About National China Craft Product:Yixing Purple Clay Tea Pot

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 (1)The History of  Yixing Purple Tea Pot(enter)

 (2)The Production and Development of Yixing Tea Pot(enter)

 (3)Summary of Yixing tea pot unearthed in Recent Years ( enter)

 (4)Some Famous Great Master from Ancient to Today(enter)

 (5)The Professional Training Pattern of Yixing Tea Pot Art(enter)

(6)Dialogue about yixing purple clay tea pot during Ming and Qing Dynasties (Enter)

(7)Conversation Summary concerning eight episodes of CCTV play “China Purple Sand”(Enter)

2, Material and Characteristics

 (1)The Material of Make Yixing tea pot(enter)

 (2)Unique Yixing Purple Clay(enter)

 (3)Yixing Purple Clay don't contain lead and chromium(enter)

3 Art and Culture

 (1)The Art of Shaping and Making with Applied Decoration(enter)

 (2)Appreciation Of Purple Clay tea pot( enter1  enter2)

 (3)The Evolvement In Modeling Crafts(enter)

 (4)General remark Yixing purple sand decoration(enter)

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